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Help with converter chioce? Car weighs in at 3,500 lbs (72 nova) tubbed car.Tranny is at coan as we speak being rebuilt.(400 trans) Car has a pump gas 502 going thru the traps at 6,500 rpms.Has 486 gears.Does have nitrous on it but still have'nt sparyed it yet!(175 hit) Converter is a tci nitrous converter stalls between 3,600-4,000..Car has ran a best of 10.67 on the motor..Nitrous I don't know yet?I was told by others this should be plenty running nitrous?Like to hear from some of you using nitrous.Thanks,Bill
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I probably shouldn't commenting on this post because i'm not a fan of nitrous, but i think you need more converter, maybe 4500 to 5000 because i don't think you are in your power range at 3600 RPM and therefore it's probably lazy on the starting line and if you did spray in on the line it would blow the tires off.

just my .02

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I have a Neal Chance Bolt together nitrous converter. On the motor my car launches a little lazy. But on the nitrous it pulls the front wheels pretty good. It will stall about 3500 on the motor. On the nitrous it will flash to about 5500. That is only a 125 hit. Try a nitrous launch and see what happens.
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with the big block 502 and NOS..I would not be surprised if you did not have to get that converter tightened up...Many NOS guys go thru this sounds like your going to be real close..but its MORE OF A RARE thing for Nos Guys having to loosen up their converters instead its the other way around....when you start throwing the NOS to those converters it acts nothing like it does on motor only..

NOS is wicked..have you ever noticed the TQ curve on a motor being sprayed with a 200 shot on a dyno.!!!!!...its un freakin real and off the charts compared to the adverised Pill..

if it were my set up i would call TCI or a good reputable converter person and tell them your entire set up and see what they have to say..

i use Cameron out of Columbia S.C...He builds a-lot of pro-mod and 10.5 outlaw NOS converters..

it would be worth a long distance call to discuss this situation.

his number is 803-754-8136

call him ...its free info and he knows his stuff.

Above ETBIRD just explained exactly what i mean..the converter is JECKLE AND HIDE ON THE NOS......don't be mislead...if you have anything close to the same ratio ETBIRD has with his conbverter your gonna be somewhere over 6500rpm which is way to soft.

my opinion is better tighter then looser when NOS is invloved.

ohh yeah on another note..if you go spraying it a 175 shot i would strongly recommend running a minimum of some 110 racing fuel...but thats another story...


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Thanks for all the info.I do use 110 on nitrous when i use it..It's been a few months that I've used the spray.I think I'll use what i have for now..Coan did tell me the trans was slipping in high gear which was a major problem..Now that the tranny will be up to power I'll see how the converter will react but I'll still make some calls for that free info.THANKS,BILL
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