Does this sound fishy?

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Default Does this sound fishy?

I'm selling a Rupert's Alky Carb and just received and offer. Offers ok, but it's his detailed payment/delivery plan that has me wondering. I'll copy below, deleting names and prices.

$xxx for the carb with jets. If you accept my offer, send to:
xxxxxxx Performance Center
xxxx xxxxxxx St.
sometown, somestate 99999
Please call me with a total, I will have a money order ready for the COD shipment. You can check my eBay feedback, I trade as "xxxxxxxxx".
Thank you,
Xxxxx Xxxxxx

I checked his eBay standings, and it's a mile long for the good. But I guess anyone can say they're someone elses ID from there. I don't mind COD, but I don't know about the whole money order deal. Cash green is a lot harder to fake on a random delivery person. So what do ya'll think?

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If you do cod it doesnt matter how he pays the shipper, money order or check, you get your money from the shipping co. I have orederd a couple of things cod, not from this site but UPS for one will not accept cash, check or money order only.
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If you send COD and his check is no good you will not get paid. Postal Money Order.

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Up front this all sounds great but you never know...You can reverse lookup the phone number and then use it to verify the address and the person if you get a hit on it, and even some cell phones..Google him and his company, you can even google his user id if he uses RJ and maybe get a hit...If he has such a good record on eBay then why won't he send the money, as that is the way it is done on eBay...And oh yea there is alot of account stealing going on now....You can even Google his neighbors once you have the address confirmed...Lots of free info if you look hard...Good luck and please keep us informed on your transaction...
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