what would be the optimum head for 11.5-1 comp 572 bbc

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Default what would be the optimum head for 11.5-1 comp 572 bbc

I have a stock set of dart 345 cc heads on my 572 9.7-1 comp motor. Im going to up the comp to 11.5-1 and was wondering should i have my dart 345 heads ported on or should i just sell them and buy a set of cnc heads. Also, for my marine application- maximum rpm in a drag race ( 7200) what would be the head to get ? Brodix -3 oval, -3 rect, afr 355, or dart 355? What about the rhs 360. It is a prop boat and cant afford to lose any low speed torque. What do you think is the head to use for this?
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Darin Morgan at Reher Morrison can work wonders with the heads you have. That would be my first choice. He also understands and works with engines racing in your type of racing.

Second choice for me would be the BMF head from CFE. You need to watch it and don't let your eyes get hungry for too big of a head there. They flow big numbers for the port sizes.

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