super comp dragster

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Default super comp dragster

does anyone have one ? are they easy ?
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Yes, and what do you mean by easy?
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If you mean is it easy to race, those guys have been doing that for along time.

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Hi Jacob,

Welcome to RJ, how old are you? As 3D said, most of us have been doing this for a long time. If you have never made a pass in a race car it is very exciting!

There are many ways to get started. Save your $$ and go to one of the many schools out there to learn what our sport is all about. It does take a lot of desire, and CUBIC $$$ to run any type of car anymore. Read what you can, learn as much as you can about the cars we race.

There is nothing that is easy in this sport! When you speak of class racing, it is one of the most competitive ways you can race. Just like bracket racing, you need to run on your dail in, cut a good light, and take the finish line. You may win or lose by .001

There are many people on RJ with the experiance to guide you. But it does take more than just having a desire to race. Follow your dream, and work hard you may just accomplish your goal to drive a race car.

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I would not start at super comp dragsters.

They are not easy by any matter of means.

Think about starting off in a door car and moving up as you gain valuable experience.

Super comp dragsters take skill and money to run and unless your rich you need to get sponsored. Not to many will sponsor an unknown.

Get your name out there by racing for a bit, win some races and then look at whether you want to still race a dragster.

It all looks so easy, but when you start skating accross the track or your car wants to unass itself you will know that it is far from a walk in the park.

No one wants to discourage you though, it is cool your following a dream, just make sure you follow it as a dream and not end up a nightmare.
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