pros and cons of bbc vs sbc in 1200hp twin turbo application

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Default pros and cons of bbc vs sbc in 1200hp twin turbo application

if your needs for power were around 1200 hp, and in a boating appplication, where the boat was used for recreational use and drag racing , what would be the advantages of the bbc vs the sbc in a twin turbo app. Weight difference being very important, what other things would determine the choice from either bbc or sbc. It seems when twin turbos are used, the horsepower is unlimited in either motor. So would the sbc be as reliable as a bbc in that horsepower range. Would the bbc be more reliable to the point the extra weight was worth it?
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At only 1200 H.P. the small block would be very reliable and you sure don't need the twin turbos to get it,a single will make that power easy.our last 406 SB2.2 single turbo made 1777 H.P. at only 20 lbs boost and 2230 H.P. @ 36lbs. in a boat you have a perfect water to air intercooler situation as well. the other thing to think about is fuel,if you want to run pump gas then you probably want to go with a big block at low either case I would look at using an aluminum block Bill
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