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Default SBC Engine Size

What would it take to have 900+ hp sbc engine?
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dgarmon one of three power adders nos, turbo or supercharger. Wesley
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Or just build a killer 430 with SB2.2 heads.
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Had a customer from PA. call me with dyno numbers from his drag race 430 with Hendrick 8-C heads two 750s on a sheet metal manifold.made 960 H.P. on engine. Bill
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Depends on how deep your pockets are really. You gonna build it yourself? Or buy one already done? Any of the big name engine builders or the reputable engine builders on here are making plenty of the big horsepower smallies. guys? Chime in here
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Size of the engines does play a big role but the biggest role is how much money you do spend on the correct parts combination, machine work and design assembly talents of your engine guy. Even the best can't do it with budget parts and the worst can;'t do it at all. lol.

You won't do it with any 23 degree heads that I am aware of. It takes 15 degree or better heads and tons of professional head work on them. plus everything else. Most of the heads capable of the really high power numbers cost a bundle and the lifter bores in the block need to be bored in different locations, with also special camshft lobe positions.

Trust me, for the power per dollar you are better off with a BB. I can do it and have done it, and several other buildrs have as well, but it costs tons.

Using a turbo system is another way to go and that works really good, but that also costs. You can also use an old school 8/71.

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I have a 472 ci tall deck rocket block (smallblock) with sb2.2s making 980 hp on the spider coated intake with a single dominator done by Dan Davinci (carb and intake only). 4.25 swing and 4.190 bore.
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I have been seeking out the best bang per buck on small blocks and have come up with a dream engine that is still affordable making 900 + hp N/A.
get a good short block built, I had one with callais stuf je forged pistons , total seal rings coated bearings, erson billet cam and timing gear , little m block etc. complete less pan $5200.00 assembled.
you will want , self racings 18 degree Clone heads, they sell them ported and assembled with stainless steel valves $3500.00 they flow 430 cfm on intake. you would need a intake, $340.00 , jesel shaft rockers $1,100.00
manton salt treated pushrods $269.00, pbm offsel lifters $325.00 sheetmetal valve covers $160.00 miledon pan $280.00 hi volume oil pump $89.00 and your distributor, water pump , etc so 1174.00 will net you what you need. Give kevin a call at self, pretty cool stuf, the heads use their patented PORT INTRUDER which replaces the center stud of the head with a bolt, I'm having some heads done that way.
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The old Winston cup engines were only 358 CID and put out close to 800 HP normally aspirated. The easiest way to make that much power on the street, though, would be with lots of cubic inches, good cylinder heads, and lots of intercooled boost. The engine in Keith Turk's old Camaro is a 406 CI SBC that makes 1600 HP. It has a centrifugal supercharger that feeds through an intercooler. It's not cheap to make that much power. Even with a SBC! Wht out....
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ProCharger or Turbo is the ticket.
We built a 355, Fast XFI and 91.5MM Turbo and the car was making
940+ at the rear wheel.

This was a budget build witha a stock block even.

If you have some funds I would redo it in a Std deck 4.155 bore x 3.50 Stroke = 380ish cid. You could make 1200-1300hp with 23* stuff and a carb.
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