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Default New to the forum

8) Hi, my name is George and I live in Lakeland Florida. I race a 67 mustang fastback with a 428CJ and a C-6 trans. It's all apart at this time getting re-skinned and a new engine but I hope to have it ready before the end of the year. Don't know how many Ford guys are on this forum but it doesn't matter to me as I'm a car person and respect all makes and models. Well, almost. Our track here at Lakeland is kinda in limbo on wether to stay in partial operation or close down completely pending on sale of the property. However there's always Sunshine, Bradenton, Orlando and a few others a little further so we are still in good shape. I'll post some pics of my car when I figure it out. :roll: Later!
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Welcome to RJ Cobra!!!!!

Glad to see a new member.

I am a Chevguy hence the name, but your Mustang sounds sweet.

When you get a chance post up some pics in our show off section, if you need help in posting, go to our help section I have a pretty good thread there on how to post pics.
If you still need help, give me a shout on a pm.

Again welcome and enjoy, lots of really good knowledgeable people here.

Then you have the clown section in which I am the self appointed president.
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Welcome from a fellow Ford Nut!!! 8)
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Originally Posted by chevguy65

Then you have the clown section in which I am the self appointed president.
So says you. I think I hear a 6-pack of tamales calling your name. :wink:

Oh yeah, welcome aboard Cobra! Once you get settled in here, you'll think everyone is nuts, not true. We're just crazy. :lol:
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LIKE WOW MAN---WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---FORD NUT HERE OR MAYBE JUST NUTS :roll: :shock: :roll: :? :x :arrow: :?:
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WELCOME!!!! CHEVY GUY HERE, but I llike a nice car what ever it is !!!
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Welcome cobrajet! Good to have you on board. No, we are not all nuts or crazy. (that's what the nice people in the white jackets keep saying) :lol: We have both oars in the water! 8) (but some of us[ME]forgot the boat) :?
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Default welcome

hey welcome cobrajet as stated above from the peanut section there is a few loose screws in here[lol] and even some people affected by methonal fumes but in most part were all good people as you will find out later. thanks for stopping by be active and enjoy the madness now where is my stick mike in the 100 degree desert!
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Default Thanks !

8) I'm a drag racer, mostly bracket racing but I enjoy just about anything with wheels and an engine. :lol: I posted some early pics of my Racing Junk renovation project in the show off section. I've also posted a little history of me and my ride. I've done some more work on it although it's not very noticeable. I like doing all the work myself except for machine work. My car is what you really call a garage built car. I've done everything from the chassis on up. That way I can't complaint about it. :wink: I'll post more pics when it starts looking more like a complete car. I should have the new engine back from the machine shop in a couple of months and back in the car. That will put the nose back down on the grond. Thanks again for the warm welcome. George
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