anyone have problems with merlin 2 and 3 blocks with holes

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Default anyone have problems with merlin 2 and 3 blocks with holes

i have a new engine built by the pros and it now has a hole in the front of the block on the lower left hand side looking at the motor by the lower timing cover. It is about the size of a dime. There has been oil leaking from somewhere and now on the 4th time having the engine removed to see what can be done about the hole. It looks like a chunk of metal has fallen out of the block all the way down to the pan gasket. It has cost me a fortune trying to fix the oil leak and now it looks like the block is the cause. Im almost out $2000 in extra labor trying to fix a brand new engine. Anyone ever seen this and how should it be handled. The place that built the engine said it was not their fault and it really is not , but they are the ones that sold it to me brand new. Should i go straight to world and who should i talk to?
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I've been running the Merlin 2 since 98' actuall block# of 68. This one has porisoty holes or anything. I would contact world see what they can do for ya.
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If it is a defective block( which is what it seems to be ) I would think that it's a warranty issue with world products , but still your engine builder should asst with you I think , if nothing else he should get the info needed to have this obviously bad block replaced.
Goodluck, Charles.
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Bill Mitchell owns World Products. His son Bill Mitchell Jr. runs the place, and he is a horses butt. Lots of luck.

They lied to me for almost a year about my one and only Merlin II Block. I pad good money upfront and it took a year to get it. By then my customer had bailed.

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Going by our past experience epoxy the hole,Mitchell probably wont do anything for you,next time buy a Dart.Bill
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