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Default What you think?

I purchased some heads from a reputable builder recently. The person had stated that the heads were from a customer that was trying to build a big small block, the heads were new, pro ported and flowed 340-345 cfm on the intake, etc.
He also had a ported intake, jesel rockers, off set lifters, and push rods etc. basically the whole deal for the new head setup.

I had him cut the heads to 62 cc for my piston and compression application.
the heads arrived and I was a bit excited about the whole deal.
after looking thru the stuff he has sent , I was not able to locate the push rods that were supposed to be part of the deal, I called him and he said they could not be part of the deal cause of the length needed would be Custom and that he was sorry that I misunderstood him.
ok no problem I told him, I would buy a set from him after I mocked the head up and used a push rod length checker. I did so and by his advice ordered some Manton salt treated very expensive rods.
After getting them in, I assembled the engine, and I routinely run a compression test to make sure of the valves seating etc.
ok, here is where it gets interesting, compression was very low on most cylinders, did a leak down, found all the intake valves leaking badly.
I pulled the heads and found he had cut thru the valve seat so badly the valve could not seal. I contacted him and he said, "you did not pay me to check the heads so all I did was cut them and reassemble"
so I told him I needed them done and he wanted me to send them, It would of cost a few hundred dollars to get them sent and returned so I asked him if I could get them dome locally would he help pay the bill, he said ok as long as I provided proof of the problem, I took pics and stupidly
had them in my work computer that had ended up being deleated by my employe, no problem, I figure my loss.
ok so I reassembled the engine. got good compression, fired it up and ran it for 2- 3 mins. I had some oil pressure issues and found the culprit.
when pulling the valve covers after the startup, I found the valve springs to be binding badly on the spring cup area ( there were no cups only shims) the builder had installed 1.650" BBC springs and they were tight in the holes, the aluminum around the holes was being beaten pretty good.
in any case, I figured after all this all I needed was this debris to go down into the engine and destroy my bearings,
Long story short, the springs did some damage to the aluminum and I found some indication the spring had actually cut into the roof of the intake port.
I contacted this guy and since they were not his heads , he was not responsible. That was all, he is sorry, he said he would of caught it if I had paid him to inspect the heads before he sent them etc. but i refused , he said. In any case, I am seeing what an be done to fix them, and also seeing how to get some of the repair money back.
P.S. the springs on the head had a seat pressure of 330 lbs ???????
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I think that sticks...what builder/machinist would do some work and not check it...since when is checking your work an extra cost..i personally think that is B.S......he should be responsible for it from the begining..

is the same thing if you have a engine builder assemble ( build) you a short block and didn't check any clearances...etc......



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Yes live and learn,
from now on, I will only buy from someone that is well known for his good customer relations and work.
maybe we should start a list of all the well known con artists and make sure everybody knows.
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Default cylinder heads

well well well another head story sounds way to familiar! years ago i had a "machine shop" and i use that term loosly ,do a set of heads for my dragster. i took him the heads and a new set of intake and exhaust valves to install for me so i could go to the races that weekend. he got them "done" in time, i picked them up took to my shop started my usuall prep work[ i dont trust anyones work] i not only found that he just installed the valves in the heads he didnt even take the time to grind them! heck you could read thru them! just as i was ready to call him i seen a piece of metal that was between the valve spring! now i was mad called them up he said well bring them over and ill fix them. well he sorta did .i missed the race due to the valves just were not done right guides to tight intakes were seeping etc... i was pissed what did i do? i learned not to take anything to them again! and i went in debt and bought myself a valve grinder and i learned on my own stuff how to work it and how to do the job the correct way! im not saying to do as i did but thats what i did and still doing my own heads today!
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I wish I had the room to have a valve grinding machine, lathe, mill etc.
I used to do some machine work and it just takes some practice and it gets kinda easy after a few jobs.
Well this dumbass is going ot be taken to court and he will end up paying me what I paid for the deal plus court fees and of corse my pain a suffering.
(drank a bunch and my head hurts over this deal)
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