How much horsepower will a 2 bolt main 454 take?

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Default How much horsepower will a 2 bolt main 454 take?

I was just starting on a 383 engine and I found a 454 bored to 468. It has a roller cam, oval port heads, good intake and carb. The engine dynoed at just over 500 hp. I can get a decent deal on it and it is complete carb to pan. The only negative it is a 2 bolt main block. How much horsepower can these take? It has a new scat cast crank and rods.

It seems like a decent motor except for the 2 bolt part.
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Going by our history the caps will outlive the crank,I don't think you will have problems at the 500hp level.Bill
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If you are not putting a blower on it or a lot of nitrous, I don't see a huge problem with the 2-bolt mains. I would recommend ARP main studs to help on the stability.

Years ago, I ran a 454 2-bolt main for several seasons. I ran a best of 9.53 @ 142 and shifted at 7000 in my Monte and it weighed about 2700lbs with me in it. So, it was putting about 575 to the ground and close to 650 at the flywheel. It did have the ARP main studs, GM cast crank, 3/8" dot rods (ARP rod bolts), TRW forged 11:1 closed chamber pistons, rectangular port closed chamber heads (ported 2.25" 1.88"), Crane .707/.707 roller, and tunnel ram with dual 750 dp's.

Bill M
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That block will defiantley take the power you are going to throw at it and then some, I would say the weak link of the motor would be the cast crank.
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i have a buddy of mine that has a 509 gm 2 bolt block...callies 4340 crank...

i would say he is making about 800hp on motor and sprays it 250hp..he has had no problems and is going on his 3rd season with motor.....he did hurt a head gasket last year but totally unrelated to the mains..

there are some theory's going around now about 2 bolt mains being stronger..i am not taking either side...but do know my buddy runs 5.50's in a 2900 lb car with a 2 bolt block.....

would i purcahse a 2 bolt block over a billet steel splayed 4 bolt main....NO i would not !!!..but if i had the 2 bolt and could use it for little money...why heck ya...jump in there and do opinion only.

Remember your question, "how much HP could a 2 Bolt take?"

Solid Proof is out there every day 800 to 850 hp and holding up for a good while...


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I agree with Brian, I have heard that if you take a two bolt main and use the angled 4 bolt conversion kit from Milodon, they actually tend to be stronger than an original 4 bolt. I have three 454 blocks that I plan to build in a couple of years but right now I am happy with the 406 I got from Brian.

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Going by our history the caps will outlive the crank,I don't think you will have problems at the 500hp level.Bill
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I would be scared to put much more on that crank that it has now. Even the facotry Chevy Cast crank is stronger. The suggstion is before you start trying to get more power is to put a good 4340 steel crank in it.

That block is very strong. I have done above 1,000 hp with it just with a bottom Hard Block fill. That was probably not even necessary for strength. I have heard of guys getting them to live at 1,500 hp but I have only gone a little above 1,000 hp. That was many years back.

If you keep the stock stroke the 2 bolts will be fine.

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Default 2 bolt block

well I'll chime in here our second "spare engine" for our funny car is a 2 bolt block it is filled and has a mucho high dollar crank in it ive very carefully massaged it to fit what i think is right and we also run titaniumn rods in it as well it makes in excess of 1100 hp and ive check the rods and main bearings and they look like they are new! just take your time in the assembly and use good parts especially the crank and rods o yea its also studded at the main caps and use a good oil pump. a good balance job with a line bore goes along way mike
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