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I have used Hard Block to fill a couple of motors..Both small and Big Block.. I read an article (years ago) about Dave Riolio (SP) that he was using a devcon product to fill motors with and doing big over bores.. 125 over.. This was in the early days of Progas when it was a 9.90 or 9.50 class, and things such as stroked cranks and better blocks were rare/expensive/or just plain did not exist.. Anybody know what Devcon product he was using... Thanks
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Do not worry about this .... I talked to our machnists and he thinks it is or was Devcon Plastic liquid steel.... a 25lb buck is about $400 I think you would need 2 buckets ..... Hard block seems a better bang for the buck
If I was to invest in $800 to fill a block and then machine it a bowtie/Dart/Brodix block is not that far off
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I have HardBlock'ed many blocks.
Still cheap and easy.
Fill then machine.
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We used to use the very expensive Devcon # 10110 which was also called Plastic Steel A 80% Steel-Putty Type. IT was packed in a box containing the Plastic Steel A and a bottle of hardner.

Lolo. I am not remembering this. I am reading it off of a very old and I am sure shelf dead box of this stuff.

Uses suggestted are.
filling both large and small holes in castings, rebuilding broken machinery, pumps, valves, compresors etc. Building up worn shafts and other equipment .

I used to talk with Dave many years ago, but really did not ask him exactly which Devcon he was using. The stuff I just wrotye about was really a wolley-booger to get leveled into the block. It also did cost a fortune but we did not have any aftermarket bocks back then.

The other alternative was the old Pro Stock trick of boring big holes and then presing in a special sleve that when heated in a furnace at a very high temp actually brazed the cylinder into the block.

Now all I will use is the product made by Hard Blok. It spreads easier levels easier with a rubber hammer and does not shirink or pull away from the walls when it cures. I love the stuff.

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