******SCAMMER POSTS NOTICE 11/26/07******

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Default ******SCAMMER POSTS NOTICE 11/26/07******

To everyone that has been scammed or thinks they have been scammed read the stickies before you make your thread.

Our Admin and Moderators work very hard to try to help you and to get the required information to help you get your money or parts back and to help ensure no one else gets burned by the person or persons you are posting about.

One thing is that you come in and post how pissed you are (understandable) with no detailed info.

They need:
1. A good ad number, preferably the link directly to the ad.
2. The user name and real name.
3. Phone number if you have it.
4. Address.
5. Email address

And any other pertinent contact information you have.

After this you can then post what happened and how it happened, how much time has passed as well as any other information that you would use to get this person.

Also, email the accused scammer and let then know you are posting this in the scammer section, we always need to give them the opportunity to rebut what is said....now believe me these guys will see who is telling the truth very quickly.

There have been WAY to many threads in here recently that people post and give no information and just piss and moan about someone, and when asked to give more and better information they get defensive.

All these guys and the rest of us are trying to do is help, so an attitude will not help your situation.

Look at the thread regarding Dynoflow.....now there is a thread that contains ALL the information needed as well as request after request for the accused to come and explain their side.
It was one of the best threads to date and just look at the response.

So, in ending, follow what your Admin and mods ask and you will do just fine and you will also see that most members will help in any way they can, otherwise you get fed to the wolves.
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On Top of this guys
I'd like to ask when you use this section,to use it for what its for.

This section is not a place for social gatherings.If you don't have any pertinent information to the threads please move on here.

If it continues I am just going to start deletimg all the foolishness thats being posted.

All Moderators and Administators are being notified to enforce this.

So with that said

This part of the forum is not a hang out
If it continues,other measures will be taken

What I am trying to say is its ok to post the good and bad feedback,moreso with the good I am hoping,but when threads involve others losing thousands of dollars with these crooks,If you can help them with any info you can gather its Ok but not come in here on one of them threads and be joking and disrupting the thread,thats not what this is supposed to be used for.

Think before you post!

RJ Forum Administrators and Moderators

There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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Some of you are STILL using the userfeedback and scammer section for socializing,this MUST stop,I am getting complaints.

Please use the other sections for socializing.If you have pertinent info to help others,then so post it and help.

If it so continues,your posts will be DELETED.

This section is not for socializing and joking.

There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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