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I agree with Tom, even though this topic is for looking out for the bad guys, we ought to share the good ones too!

Within the last few months, I've purchased a top end from "whassupbehnke" and a 6/71 from "kingsblownnova" and some ignition stuff from Mohringracing.

Like Tom and the other moderators say, I called and talked with these guys, shared addresses, phones, etc. Chit chatted about jobs and family.

I not only got EXACTLY what I wanted, at the discussed price in a timely manner, but made some new friends along the way. All in all, a very enjoyable experience!

Thanx RJ for giving us a place to do this. And Jim, Mike, & Chris SUPER individuals!
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Thanks man.

It is good to hear about the good dealings here as well.

It may seem we focus on the negative and in many ways we do, but there are just way to many scammers allowed to come in here and screw guys over.

With that said, please keep sharing the good stories....just like the bad ones let us know who to stay away from, the good stories let us know who we can rely on as well.

Last yaer I lost a large chunk of change and wish I had been smart enough to ask before I went down that golden path, and I am sure if we had threads of good guys I may have saved thousands of dollars.

Keep the good stuff coming and thank you for adding this to an otherwise bleak section of the forum!!!!
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This is great to hear Al

This is the type of dealings that do go on at RJ every day,So its all not all bad from what you have seen in this forum.

Like Al said,he talked exchanged info,and had a good time talking the deal through,complete shipping info,tracking numbers Etc.It does mean alot

There are so many good deals that go on here every day that you people never hear,Thats why I have been promoting the forum,to make many others aware of what RJ has to offer.

I am not sure if you have noticed or not but there are certainly a lot of new people that are starting to come into the forum,and they never really even knew it existed.If some of these members want to sell you some thing,and you have doubts,Have them come into this forum and show their authenticity,make a post in public,post a link to their add or add number,,get the owner to respond to it,get advice of others,and if they won't do that,Walk Away It could be trouble.This only keeps honest people on the up and up

Most all the people that are selling items on RJ are good people,you just need to do your homework folks,and sift threw the few that aren't.

When dealing with individuals,when questioning,if you have any doubts,read the forum here and ask a question about the person you are dealing with. Don't let your gaurd down.NEVER let a seller push you to get to your money.People in a hurry deal is usually a Flag.Chances are cut the deal short and move on.

There are NO dumb questions:

The only dumb question is "The One You Never Asked" So get in the groove here people ask questions,give feed back on good guys,good deals,etc.

And if you are going to purchase some thing thats alot of money,PLEASE If you can't go look at it,HIRE someone that can and give you a recommendation.That would be Money well spent.

Its too late to come in here crying about a deal that went bad or misrepresented.,People do your homework.

There is one thing to keep in mind folks,
These people have some thing to sell and you have some thing they want:MONEY Spend your hard earned money wisely.If the deal is too good to be true,IT PROLLY IS!

Think about it,the internet is a very powerful tool,lets use it for what its for,not Fraudulent Scams.Thats a Crime.

Great news Al Its always nice to hear of two happy partys The Buyer and The Seller This is what its all about here folks,It Works
There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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I would like to add to the list of good guys I have dealt with. The guys at NEY's that advertise thru RJ are great guys. They did a short block for me with all the specialty parts I requested and at an affordable price. the machine work and assembly are excellent. Call Pat Mc creedy over there, if you need any work or parts. He is very fair and you can actually reach him by phone.
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