welding chromoly tube

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Default welding chromoly tube

is there any other way to weld moly tubing besides tig welding?i've got moly tubing to build my wheelie bars but don't have a tig welder.
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Before I purchased my tig welder, I welded some of the smaller Chrome moly tubing on my car with a mig welder. It depends on how good you are with a mig. If you don't get good penetration and the weld is just on top then it is not going to hold. I welded the removable steering wheel lug on the steering shaft and I welded the bungs in the lower control arms on the front suspension with a mig, when I was building my car 12 years ago. I have not had any issues with either.

To be safer on the bungs for the wheelie bars, you can drill a couple of holes in the side of the tubing and do the rossette welds along with the weld around the bung to ensure the holding.

It worked for me, but now I would only use the TIG.

Good luck,
Bill M
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Back before TIG welding, moly was welded with oxy/acetylene. I have never done it, but I have heard guys talk about it
Someone who knows more of this may be able to give a response
If you had the wheelie bars fitted and even tacked, you could take it to someone to get them to TIG it up for you
take care
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You can use a mig on it but it wont look nearly as good. I welded some body mounts on a chromoly car and the yheld for awhile but they did end up cracking right in the middle of the bead. You would be better off tacking them and then having someone finish weld them with a Tig
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