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Looking for Advice on a towing package-
I have been out of racing for a good bit. I now have a good size family and itís not where I used to be single where a dually and a trailer would work. I have a 38ft ATC all aluminum trailer with a lift. It will have one Race car in it most of the time and sometimes will carry two with a classic show car. We prefer to not buy a Toter due to price differential and how used they seem to be compared to a motor home that is newer. Due to having several kids, we wonít go racing a a lot but would also like to also go camping. My question is, given that I have a lighter trailer being all aluminum,and I also have a trailer toad to reduce toungue weight. Iím wondering now that the class C or super Cís have higher HP motors, would be a wise option or are there any folks doing something similar?
If the class A Diesel motorhome is still the best choice- Iíve heard different opinions on those and would like to hear from folks that have ďbeen there, done that so to speakĒ

-Iíve heard, donít get one with a radiator in the back as the frames are better with the side mount radiators?
-Iíve also been told radiators on the side over heat when pulling and that back mount radiators are fine if you have a solid chassis. Opinions?
-Iíve heard that 300-350 HP will work and Iíve been told to not get anything below a 400HP motor.opinions?
-Iíve been told to get a tri Axle with a motor home but also been told one is not needed with a trailer toad.This made me wonder is a Super C would work with my trailer and toad. Opinions?
-my Last question- is there a rule that if your trailer is 38ft that the coach or a unit pulling the trailer has to be 38ft or greater if it is a motor coach? I know a super c or c class with a 350HP Engine will be less feet then 38ft. Trying to prevent as much overall length as possible if I can. Opinions here?

My apologies for the long detail. We will not be buying anything new but even at used, I need to make sure we are measuring twice and cutting once. Appreciate any feedback.
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