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Default What gear ratio

Putting a stock 7.4L vortec engine in a s10 that is backhalfed with 33x18.5x15 street tires but will be putting some DOT slicks roughly same size..looking to run truck on 1/8 mile track only..forgot. Running a turbo 400..what rear end gears think be good for this combo and also need to find out what converter stall I need also..

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Since this seems to be a dual purpose truck, you will have to decide which is more important. Engine speed on the highway or engine speed at the 1/8. Check out http://www.wallaceracing.com/Calculators.htm and there will be a calculator to figure out your rpm questions.

The converter question is somewhat the same issue. Driveability or e.t. If you get to high of a stall speed you are going to hate it on the street. You will run a higher stall on the track only. Both ways probably 3000-3500 or so but not knowing anything other than size of your engine it's really only a WAG at it though.

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Big question is it strictly a track car or will it be driven on the street?
If its strictly track and you are only going to run 1/8th mile I would put the tallest gear possible in your carrier or you will never shift into 3 gear with that Turbo 400

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