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The other side of the story.... Good of you to post.
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Hmm, there's the rest of the story.
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The deal was half down half on delivery simple. I have the money I'm not a deadbeat If that's not going to happen then give me my money back. You said you were coming last Tuesday after numerous promised delivery dates were missed then your e-mail doesn't work anymore and calls don't ever get answered.
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One more time Scott this is not the business email. I do not want to dump all the laundry you have here so lets grow up. Pay the bill in full or you are in breach of contract. That is a big legal saying meaning you need to pay the balance due or be in void of the deal. This was not some engine that was for sale. This is a custom piece made ONLY for you. You accepted the deal up front, now follow through so we can ship this to you. Try this with any engine shop on the planet? The guys reading this pay before they receive? Why come on here and make me act rude to you when I don't operate that way. My email doesn't work? It does. Also are you saying the whole racing junk email has also failed. If racing junk is down how are you typing things on here?? Calls are great? How about the balance on the bill? You tab is in the thousands and past due?
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I don't know. I'm a small buisnes man myself and if the deal was in writing,fax,email ect. 1/2 down 1/2 recieved (which I do quite often) send the piece cod and if he refuses the shipment that's breach of contract then keep his down payment until engine can be sold for amount agreed and refund him. If he pays win win for all. Just my opinion but honest buisnes means keeping your word no matter how much it hurts.
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Originally Posted by scotlaroc View Post
I bought an engine on here sent the guy 1/2 down $5500.00 1/2 on delivery I don't want to name names yet he has several engines for sale on this site. Paid the money check was cashed 9-5-2014 nothing at least three promised deadlines came and went I'm out 5500 trying to hold out I don't want to blow the whistle because I know after that he'll probably disappear

Originally Posted by HornetAutoSales View Post
Ok Scott. Nice of you to leave out the rest of the story. Half Down to a licensed machine shop to CUSTOM BUILD you an engine is a gift! Now you haven't told these good people that you owe the other 5500.00, plus extra parts that you ordered, plus the freight. As soon as that is paid in full, you are more than welcome to expect a prompt delivery. Your attempts to defame a guy that will let you pay as you go on here has exhausted my nerve. Im darn sure there are 10 other people on here that would gladly take the deal on a complete engine that I kindly gave to you. As for a gold seller? I am a licensed business and also a PAID business member on this site. I hate to air your laundry like this but when you put me on here like this I agree with the other members that say I need to respond. Pay the bill in full please. My dad stayed private and never offered these parts for 30 years because of issues like this. Some days its hard not to agree with them. Now I am not on here for some bitter batter conversation. I answered the post and now it would be nice to grow up and us my business email? I take checks, credit cards, paypal, etc... Thank you.

Always seems to be 2 sides to every story.
I hope you guys can settle this amongst yourself from here.
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