TN Volkswagen Workers Vote Against UAW Representation

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I didn't reply to you sooner because I have been "under the weather" for several days. Thankfully, I didn't have to go to a doctor. And that's a good thing, because your wife is absolutely correct, our medical insurance isn't the best in the world. However, it is much better than where I used to work, because I didn't have any!
In the late 80's and early 90's, our RR unions focused on pay raises instead of better benefits. It wasn't until the late 90's that some benefits were even available, for example, prescription drugs, which everyone knows are very expensive.
I was just a teenager when some of the unions you mentioned were ravaged by their union bosses embezzling millions from the retirement pensions of it's members. If there is anything that gets a person's dander up, it's someone, anyone, stealing their retirement.
Since I was just a "average" railroader I didn't have any input on our national union contracts, no more than you or I have to our "national" political leaders.
Have a great day, dgh
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On the Medical Insurance . . You didn't have much say about it . . your employer and your Union settled on a (not necessarily the best) blanket insurance policy that the rank and File would not necessarily like, but accept. That's how Group tends to work out . .

And Wayyy back in th' day, unions had a place. How they arrived at their agreements (and sometimes, Disagreements) with their employers often was debatable . . And the benefits sometimes were dubious . . But in the areas of health and safety, they were hugely beneficial, not just to the unionized worker but in setting an example for the rest of industry (and Construction) to follow . .

Problem is, it would seem that the union has outlived it's usefulness because in order to maintain a paying membership, the union must provide more "Fluff" for the workers, which in turn, the employers cannot well afford in the business climate of the last 20 years or so . . And yet cannot offer either a good health insurance or retirement plan that doesn't require either government subsidy or full government participation . . For the price, both the rank and file and the American Taxpayers are getting ripped off by those Unions and their high buck executives . .
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