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Good to hear you are back in the swing there Rabbit.

Swollen uvula just doesnt sound right when you say it out loud :!: :lol:

As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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same here I should have gone to the doctor long before I did. Letting your self get in bad shape just makes it much worse. I just hate doctors and put off going until I was down to 150lbs had no energy and my feet and legs were always swollen and in pain.
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Originally Posted by Harbone
Good to hear you are back in the swing there Rabbit.

Swollen uvula just doesnt sound right when you say it out loud :!: :lol:
That's why I'd never say it in a public place! lol It is a pretty weird thing to have and even stranger to explain. lol

I think I dodged a bullet this week.
About 2 weeks ago my 05 duramax with 258,000 miles started knocking. It would do it under light pedal and would fade away as the rpm's got around 2,000. It sure didn't sound good and I was afraid it was a wrist pin or piston.
I checked the balance rates on the injectors and #1 was a little weak, but not real bad. I turn # 1 off and the knock didn't quit and that made me pretty nervous. Shortly after that I put almost an entire bottle of injector cleaner ( enough cleaner for 90 gallons in less than 20 gallons of fuel). Well within about 40 - 50 miles the knock quit. Man was I glad. I changed the fuel filter last night and it was clean as it always is. I also cut open the oil filter and it didn't have anything in it which is another good sign of no excessive bearing wear. I'm gonna check the balance rate on the injectors again Monday and replace # 1 if it's still weak.
Needless to say I'll be pretty happy if 1 injector is all that's wrong with it.
$350 for 1 injector is a lot better than a $3,500+ rebuild.
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I have none and am so out of touch with this stuff. I if I get in trouble, will you guys :idea: :idea: help me?
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Dann Rabbit didn' know you was a VOLVO man !!!!! :shock:

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