wtf is up with schools

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sorry 482 but i think you missed the point or i went the wrong direction with it. but if kids use a calculater in school how in the hell are they going to learn any m,ath. ever go to a story and hand a cashier some extra change to get back a even # of coins or a solid $ bill.they look at it now like why did you give me these exta pennies. or this extra nickel. they can not make change without the register to tell them how much to give. i do it because its fun to watch them go oh shit now what....loland the school system is spending youmoney to teach kids how to push buttons. we will lose in the end.but what im was talkin about is them handing you a note and saying go spend this amount of dollars to get your kid this hi tech gadget that will make him only more dependent on tech. and yes time does change but not always for the better.thats why im having the troubles im having todasy. i hate this world we live in today. i miss the my day. i want to go back. and im going back and no one can stop me. lol
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I'm not trying to give Sam a hard time!
Maybe I did miss the point, but when my girls went to college they could use the calculators and stuff while they were testing, because not all of it was about the right answer but also how to use the tools to arrive at it. I guess the expense is part of the 280,000 dollars per child they say it takes to raise a child now from birth, to the age of 18. A Lot different than when we were kids to say the least. Anyway that's all I was saying. It is what it is, not just for Sam, but everyone. Yes I have seen the store employees that can't count a lick. But hopefully with a good education his children won't be there taking money, they will be at a good job making money like my girls (thankfully). They are all very smart (after their mother) and they use computers everyday at their jobs. I would like it to be like it was too, just ain't gonna happen. LoL
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my boy gets pissy with me cause i show him how to you pen and paper to come to the answer that the computer or calc tells him is right. he gets mad cause i wont printer ink to print off what he researches on the net. i make him read it, take hand notes and and then write his papers out. im prolly a bid A hole but if the final draft isnt neat penmenship it get redone. i get from him that the penmenship doesnt matter and from some of the stuff he has snuck by me it shows they dont carre about penmenship or hard work anything like that. just that the paper is done andcorrect answers. i realize im the young pup here at 38 but has the system gone that far down hill? and ive had words with the officials at the school and they are doing this as a conveinence. the kids can do theyre work easier and easier for the teachers to remotely watch and help. imo just pure laziness cant be bothered with walking around the class and take time to help the kids as they need it face to face. and if my thoughts and veiws are wrong so be it. jr high is no place for kids to be using high tech products that a parent has to fork out the hard earned cash. i sure as hell dont have the extra 300-500 to buy him a laptop or a tablet that can be lost stolen and or broken. remember JR HIGH SCHOOL KIDS now any one with that kind of "extra cash" laying around feel free to pick one up for him. i have now issues of the the shool teaching how to use the net for reseach ect but to keep telling me each yr i need to spend more and more for calcs computers ect is the bs i dont like or think is right. now when i was in jr high computers were just starting to hit schools and we got limited useage and by the time my younger brother made high school they were widley used but even then schools didnt rquire parents to buy them and go get (aol back then) calc were optional in high school
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