Small Block Chevys

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Default Small Block Chevys

Is anyone haven trouble selling small cu-in ( high hp motors)? It appears the demand is large cu-in small blocks.
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The only thing better than big cubic inches... are more cubic inches...!
Stump pulling torque and awsome midrange on taller gears...

However, a lot of dirt circle track guys around here are backing away from the big 434s and 421s and going back down to the 406s and 383s for more reliability and longevity... but it is hard to find less thans 377s unless the rules dictate 360s or less...
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Default Re: Small Block Chevys

Originally Posted by Bowtie327
Is anyone haven trouble selling small cu-in ( high hp motors)? It appears the demand is large cu-in small blocks.
Well I think you just answered your own Question....There is no such thing as small ci High HP motors anymore unless you got a Turbo blowing thru it.

Now understand everything is relevent...if you consider 500/700 hp a High Hp engines ( under 400ci)..well you got the small right but 500/700 hp engines are not considered High HP anylonger unless its in your day to day Family Plymouth Voyager Station Wagon Van

just saying

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:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

You mean bigger really IS better ??

ops: ops: ops: ops: ops: ops:

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
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How quickly we forget the Pro/Stock trucks, 360 CU IN limit's running 7.40's on gas @2350 lLBS. I had a friend in Az. running a 292 23 degree head Nikins & Brown motor in a Camero 2350 lb car, running 8.90's in the mid 80's on gas.
It's just easier to go faster with large inch engines, but it's ops: when a sm/blk whoops up on a big inch car.

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my $.02 is that when companies sell a 383 sb in short block (in this case with scat steel crank, scat 4340 i-beam rods with arp cap screws, hypereutectic pistons, moly rings, machined, decked, cearanced and balanced. Just put cam of your choosing and top in on) for $1750. Or a complete complete breather to pan for around $4k and some have a warrenty people are going with a sure thing in stead of used. Because lots of people dishonest on what a motor is and you pick up a used/rebuilt motor you still tear into it to makes sure its what ya bought and have time and possibly more money so market on used?rebuilt motors is hit and miss craps shoot
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