View Poll Results: I am interested in your ad. I respond to ads first by requesting:
to be your friend.
to be your friend then followup later for details about the ad.
more details about the ad.
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Selling on RJ - WHY do strangers ask to be your friend? POLL

Old 06-23-2011, 04:33 AM
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When the "friends" option first hit theses sites, I noticed many requests contained sexually explicit photos. Yeah, sure the material is interesting, but it's not anything I care to associate my name or reputation with.

However, I took some of your advice and accepted a number of new friends (all of them). A few have been genuinely interested in my profile, and I have met some really nice members. But not one has inquired about the sale.

I think the jury is still out on whether serious buyers insist on seeing your profile as a precondition to contacting you with any questions. Keep in mind they can already see some of your stats like Honor Payment info, how long you have been a member, and there is a contact seller button.

The poll numbers are really low. Remove my vote and it leaves four real voters. Hardly enough to claim "80% of of RJ members agree..."
Perhaps it's just not interesting, or the poll appears to have a false pretense.

Thanks to those who voted, and I really appreciate everyone's opinion. Keep em coming!
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Originally Posted by fast75vega
Originally Posted by harbone66
If someone can see your pics and you have completed your profile it may give a perspective buyer the chance to see who you really are????
yep.... we all know scammers are lazy and do as lilas poss... so if they dont have any info,friends or pics,ect..... i wont deal with them at all :wink:
No offense, but I disagree. The scammers I have seen work just as hard at ripping off people as the average Joe earning an honest paycheck.

Personally, I search the forums for seller & buyer names for signs of trouble whenever dealing with strangers. (due diligence)
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A person wouldn't have to request to be friends if you could look at a members pics in the gallery.
But RJ makes you be friends as a way to lure in members.
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I agree in part if you could see peoples gallery pics you wouldnt have to request to be friends( I have seen a car Ive liked and asked to be friends just to see if they have more pics of it in their gallery) RJs perspective is if that was to happen they would loose revenue for posting additional pics.If you dont want to be friends with people on here put in your ad photos and info will be sent if requested and if their truely interested they will respond just my opinion.
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I am dealing with this right now,if someone is interested in my car,but cant call the phone number listed in the ad?
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