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Live here buy here. Everybody wants the American buck, but doesn't want to buy the American product. If we don't buy American who will ????????????
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You didnt start nothing outlaw, just voiced an opinion like everyone else. If our opinions were all the same, how boring would that be?!?
The good thing is we have a group of guys that can agree to disagree without calling each other phuckers or faggots.


As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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X2 harbone. Outlaw you didn't stir it up. I agree with a lot of what you say.
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I like your comments Outlaw... does not mean everyone will agree though. I like that you are still passionate about stuff!!! Keep on keepin on!!

I lived in Japan for 2.5 years (1982-1984ish). Yokosuka- Navy brat. I lived off base for awhile & got to know the people well. I learned they ARE NOT to be confused with Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippine folks, etc... they like to be recognized for who they are exactly (not that they are prejudiced). Here is what I liked: we did not need to lock our doors/house, stuff did not get ripped off, we could be safe just about anywhere when I was there. Here is what was VERY interesting...

Moved on base later, had to lock car doors, had my BMX bike ripped off, got into some fights, etc.... I missed living off the base more. People in Japan have a great deal of honor & treat each other with respect. They are very disciplined & smart. They will survive this. Personally, if it is manufactured in Japan, I look at it as quality... not the same as China, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc... I not know about those places much.

We have ourselves to blame for the manufacturing NOT done in the USA. Believe me, I know how hard it has become to manufacture product here. (I work for a USA manufacturer) I am one of the few that gets to sell product to people in other countries.... such as Japan. Our bows are all made here in Oregon (Bowtech) & sent all over the world.

Anyways, I wish we would get back into more USA made things, but our politics & government has made that very hard with excise tax, taxes in general, pollution concerns, etc... Scooter
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here is my opinion for what its worth
a in 1942 they attacked us with out provication and we had to show them to respect others
b we felt sorry for using the bomb on them and helped rebuild them
c then over the years sold our selves to them
d now we help them out and sell ourselves deeper

now how about this we use or resources time and misc to help but they wipe out our debts?
nice friendly trade heck racers do it all the time
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Correct me if i am wrong but aren't the United States in debt with China not Japan :?: :?:

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Pearl harbor was Dec. 7, 1941, just over 69 years ago. How many people responsible for the attack are still alive? Using that for an arguement is almost as bad as black people hating white people for slavery that happened almost 150 years ago.
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Default This is what I'm talking about......

America's GOODness......


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i dont hold them responcible for pearl harbor i hate all countries that import their crap here.our government was so blind years ago to their dumping practices that we have been paying for it for years.it wasnt just honda it was every thing they sent over here. it all could be bought cheaper here than in their own country.and thats a fact jack. now they have a foothold here they no longer need to do it but the damage is done and i resent it ALOT!!! i still have my t shirt that says id rather push my harley than ride a honda.
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