tuning an alky motor

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So you stage at 145 and get back to the trialer at 160?

A good alky set up will gain no more than 10 degrees down track. We hit the water 160-165. Stage at 170 and the car never goes over 180.

Whose carb is this? Have you contacted them to get an idea of where to start with your jetting?
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I think a lot of your issue with the milky oil is not running an evac system and is more like the result of condensation rather than alcohol. We run a 377 SBC on an rear engine dragster, 820 cfm Rupperts Carb with 166 jets square. we leave the line at 160 and are back at the trailer at about 170 to 175. We only use the water pump and fan to keep temp below 160 in the lanes before staging. We run an electric evac system that is really cost effective (about $220) and it keeps the majority of the milk out of the oil. To help keep condensation from building during a race and between week ends, we run the car at an idle when we get back to the trailer and bring the temp up to about 180 or 185. During the week when the car is stored in the trailer, we leave the breathers out of the valve covers.
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You should always run your water pump. If you don't you could develop hot spots from the water not circulating and melt something.
Also if your not running your water pump, you are not getting true temp readings, just the temp of where the water sits stagnant under your sensor.
Control heat with your fan and a leanout valve.
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