Blower Fuel Injection questions.

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Not to be critical, but KWK is right, that's no HP at all, asumming 25% loss with drive train that's less than 500 hp from the engine at the flywheel. Going to alcohol or injection is not going to make it easier to start when cold, running thru a blower they are always harder to start and gas starts a lot easier than alcohol no matter what system you run. I'm also having trouble understanding how you had 10 lbs of boost and only made that little of HP. I hope you're not taking someone word on the boost, like the person you bought the motor from.

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Understand, I will do my best but I do not have all the engine stuff here with me in Iraq, So I am not going to know the cam specs.
Engine is a .030 over 427, It was a kit engine from PAW (Performance Automotive Warehouse) According to what I can remember, the pistons are 7.3 to 1. It has cast iron heads, but I do not know the CC or CFM of the runners. I do know that the headers that are on the engine now are restricting the engine, but they were the biggest that would fit without custom layout. They are 1 7/8 primaries to a 2 1/4 out the back, Super 44 flowmaster mufflers.
Trans is a well built 700R4, Transfer case is NP231, rear end is Currie 9"+ with 5.13 gears. Wheels are 39.5x18 Boggers on 15x14 steel wheels. I am sure that you need much more info than this but That is all I can remember off the top of my head. Oh it has a MSD 6AL box, MSD Distributer (Not sure which one) Mallory Coil (again not sure which one)
Carbs are 650 Demon Blower Carbs.

I only put it on the Dyno to get the F/A mixture right, so we only went to 5000 rpm, I don't remember what jet size we used, but I know that we changed them.
I had assumed that I was losing HP from all the driveline parts and the weight of the tires and wheels. Them shoes be very heavy.
Let me know if you need more than this to help and I will do my best to get it for you. Thanks again for putting up with such a novice to this stuff. I am enjoying the conversation and the knowledge
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The below is from the PAW website, I am pretty sure this is the kit that was purchased by the original onwer. Hope this helps.

BLOCK - 4-bolt main 427 seasoned block bored oversize. Block is hot tanked, custom honed, dry decked, line honed, new cam bearings installed. Engine block is painted inside Rustoleum to aid in a quicker oil return. Brass freeze plugs installed. The Outside of the block is painted with your choice of factory colors.
CYLINDER HEADS - New RHS™ Pro Action cast iron rectangular port cylinder heads castings feature 320cc intake runners. Stainless 2.250 & 1.88 valves. New perf valve springs which will handle up to a .600 lift cam. (Larger cams or solid lifter cams will require optional valve springs at extra cost.)
PISTONS - Forged supercharger pistons.
RINGS - Premium Speed-Pro moly rings.
RODS - P.A.W. 6.135" high performance connecting rods which have been shop-peened, checked for straightness. Resized on the big end and fitted with high performance 3/8" chrome moly rod bolts for maximum strength and performance.
CAMSHAFT - Your choice of a new P.A.W. / SSI hydraulic cam to match application.
LIFTERS - New P.A.W. hydraulic flat tappet to match your cam.
CRANKSHAFT - Factory steel crankshaft precision finished at .010 under on both mains & rods journals and machined for dual keyways!
BEARINGS - New Clevite M77 - Top quality rods and mains bearings.
TIMING CHAIN SET - New P.A.W. double roller timing chain set.
GASKETS - Fel-Pro engine gaskets set along with a pair of SCE ICS Titan copper head gaskets with stainless O-ring wire.
OIL PUMP - New P.A.W. high-volume oil pump to provide maximum protection.
PUSHRODS - New P.A.W. 3/8" chrome moly high performance pushrods.
BALANCED - Electronically balanced rotating assembly, pistons pressed on to rods. Advise salesman if using flex plate or flywheel.
DAMPER - Special damper for use on supercharged engines with dual keyway.
ROCKER ARMS - New P.A.W./SSI long slot rocker arms.
SUPERCHARGER - Complete 6-71 supercharger kit fully polished including blower manifold, & dual 4BBL carb adapter. HD 8mm drive, kit will accommodate 2 “V” groove accessory pulley. 8-71 supercharger available at an additional cost.
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