I am here to sell a car not help build yours!!!!!

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Default I am here to sell a car not help build yours!!!!!

Is it just me or are there individuals who search these sites looking for similar vehicles that are for sale and pretend they are interested in buying your vehicle only to gain info on how to put theirs together.
They want photos of where motor mounts are located as an example or what tire size are you running in the rear and how much clearance is there between the tire and the tub??? This leads me to believe they are building a car and dont know how to themselves. There are forums for that info. This has happened on numerous occasions. Just my observation
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I agree with you... sort of. RacingJunk, in my opinion, is a great asset for racers to help other racers, and get help from others. I've asked questions of people looking to sell cars, and I've always had positive results.

I don't BS them though. I'll tell them that I am unable to purchase their vehicle, but if they would be able to help me out on my own build by answering a question or two it would be greatly appreciated.

A simple question or two should warrant an answer. A build sheet or step-by-step is different. Courtesy is rapidly disappearing in the world around us. I'd hate to see it leave the world of racing, and that extends to both those asking the questions, and those getting asked.
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My feeling is this .. if they ask I'll answer ... never know it may end up in a sale down the road
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Originally Posted by hammertime
My feeling is this .. if they ask I'll answer ... never know it may end up in a sale down the road
exactly! if you look at my listings I shot the car upside down and sideways and then put another 60-80 pics in my profile with the link posted on the ad. the more detailed description and pics the better and I will answer any and all questions. the ads I hate are single picture of the car and the ad looks like this.

1967 Camaro
4 speed
nice car

$75,000 or BO

those ads crack me up! :lol:

As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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