Estimated Power 388ci SB

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Default Estimated Power 388ci SB

Just trying to get a estimate on what kind of power you guys think this motor would have its a circle track motor for a dirt latemodel.

4.125 bore
3.625 stroke
je pistons with 2.5 dome volume
18* (Edelbrock heads done by Chapman)They have 262 cc intake ports and 110 exhaust ports.2.15 int and 1.60 exhaust valves.56 CC chambers.They are CNC ported but I don't know the flow numbers
Using a Comp Cams with 714int and 698 ex lift duration at .050 is 264 int and 271 exh.
Has a matched cnc ported intake for the heads and a willys 850 carb.

Thanks for any input.Rick
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Hi Rick,
I just had a nearly identical setup in my dirt modified, but I was on 23* heads.
I have driven late models and dirt mods for years, with some pretty wild engines in them, but this engine is best described as "Holy Shiiiiittttt...!!!"
It scared the hell out of me... which I guess was a good thing...?

I let a very close friend drive it, who is also another very experienced modified driver. He would not quit buggin me as to 'what the hell I had in that car'... so I let him to go find out...?

He went out for hotlaps during intermission, and after pulling wheelies down the straights for 10 tire blistering laps on-the-edge, he came back in and had to be helped out of the car...!
He was sweating and shaking and so out of breath it took him a few minutes before he kept mumbling something about "Holy F**K, that is the wildest, hottest, fastest bullet I have ever driven!" He kept trembling as he mumbled to curious onlookers something about "Once he gets that suspension dialed in there will be nobody within 500 miles can catch him... :shock:
Well, I hadn't told him yet that I was cheating and had a big roller cam in it... :roll: It wasn't long before the cat was out of the bag... ops:

Mine was built by Bob Morton and Dennis Millert out of Kansas City, using all brand new Dart Little M 400 main block and Dart 215 platinum 2.05/1.60 heads 23*.
I had the exact same rotating assembly you are asking about, in Eagle crank and h-beams, and J&E domes = 4.125 x 3.625 x 6"
It was initially run on alky for 24 nights, but when I got it I put it on VP113 thru a Proform850QFT and Super Victor.
The cam was a Cam-Motion roller 259/267 @.050; .640/.601 at 1.5

Unfortunately, I developed a fuel and ignition detonation problem a few races later, which burned six pistons and called for boring it out +20.
My current engine builder, Mike Elmore, talked me into going back to a legal IMCA engine in 404ci with flat tappet cam, which just got done and fire up yesterday. I can't wait to to compare the new setup to the 388.

However... I am just craving to get that 388 setup back together in a new block as soon as I can. I already have the new pistons, now all I need is the new Dart 31132211 block.

Sorry I am writing a book here, but I am out of breath and shaking right now thinking how bad I need that 388 fix again...? :shock:

With that 18* top end you describe, if that thing does not scare the shit out of you in that super late model, I want to know why... then I will buy it from you so you can buy a John Force engine to put in it... :shock:

Please let me know how it goes... I may even come up to see it myself...!

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625 hp
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With it having 18* heads, I would think somewhere in the 650 range.

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Originally Posted by Pwmax

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