Can You Believe These Lowlifes

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Default Can You Believe These Lowlifes

So this afternoon i stoped at the gas station to grab a pack of smokes and a pop befor work. They declined my debit card and i couldnt believe it becuase i know i had money in my account.

So i called my bank and checked my balance and it was dry. I couldnt belive it something was not addin up. I asked for my last transaction and the lady told me 8 A.M. Wedsday moring. Funny thing is i work nights and am sleepin at that time.

Some low life has got ahold of my info and has been spendin my hard earned money. if i ever get my hands on this guy i dont htink i could help myself from trearin them apart. So now i got to go to the bank tomorow and deal with this bull shit.

dont know if anyone cares just need to vent out a little bit.
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wow jack, hope your bank does the right thing and refunds all the
charges you did not make, and they go after the thief for the
money they used, it could get worse if not notified. good luck bud
the bank will go after the store that passed your card
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This is an excellent example of ID theft. I ALWAYS shred or burn anything that I'm tossing that has or might have any personal info including any string of incoherent numbers on the envelope.
I've watched many 'bums' walk down the alleys in my city going through trash cans and bagging up all sorts of papers ???? Where does it go from there ??
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