How Can We Put Together A Running List of Parts made in USA

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It does not look like 1 category will be adequate.

Where do you draw the line?????????????/

How difficult will it be to verify each item is made in the USA.

Sub-category??? Made in forgein country, Assembled in USA???? or visa versa....

montecarlo's post list's a web page that appears to have a certain criteria level that must be met in ordrer for a manufacturer to be listed on the site and the site has several categories.

We may just want to limit it our list to the racing community for drag & circle track racing parts.

hmmmmmmmmm? I think I've got 2 sticks rubbing together in the old cranium.
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this will be a hard one.I work for Subaru of Indiana and they employ 3000+ people at the plant and a massive amount of USA vendors.The subaru outback and legacy are made in the united states by americans.The japenese cars are doing so well because they basically are using what made us great against us.They still put the customer at #1.The big three totally lost that concept until the last couple years.I bought my first Foreign car in 1997 after leaving a Gm lot mad.I had never owned anything but gm from 1983 until 1997.The GM lot could care less about me and made me feel like I owed them something.I will never ever go to that lot again and it is a major GM dealer in our area.Nobody can beat us in manufacturing (USA) exept ourselves.We need to get back to the values that made us #1
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Default Re: How Can We Put Together A Running List of Parts made in

Originally Posted by ashbros
How Can We Put Together A Running List of Parts made in USA.

All parts listed would have to be subject to review to insure they are actually made in the USA.

Is this a Good or Bad idea?
It would be very futile to attempt this. You could chase your tail all day and still not be correct since these big US companies have become quite good at " masking " made here stuff. At a parts counter a few weeks back we scanned a parts book featuring these big US outfits and you will be shocked how much is cast in the Asian Ring of Fire.

Also, protectionism doesn't work and that's been proven countless times.
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Default running list

take a bite at a time! for instance after market products made in the u.s.a. shouldn't be too hard to followup on. everybody has their favorite
product line epecially the small independent shop's.

alot of valuable exposure should come to light which in turn will make u.s.a. parts that much more available and in demand .
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Just because it's a foreign name or foreign origination doesn't mean it's made overseas. Take Kobelco (Excavators) for example, they’re made in Calhoun Ga. Nothing is imported. Everything is made in the US by us. It's just made to Japanese specs. It’s not just "assembled in the USA" like many people think. It’s all made here buy American engineers too. Many of BMW's cars are made in Greenville Sc. BMW generates a ton of money for the local economy.
Take Caterpillar for example. It was started in 1915 when 2 companies merged to form Caterpillar Tractor Company. In 1963. Caterpillar and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. form one of the first joint ventures in Japan to include partial U.S. ownership. Caterpillar Mitsubishi Ltd. Yes, Cat was an original US company but not anymore.
If we RJ guys started to push buy American only we would be hurting many of our own guys like Tod74. We are so deep in foreign trade it's almost impossible to buy a 100% American made manufactured product anymore.
If you try to buy things only made in the US you may actually do more harm to our fellow Americans than you think.
I would suggest finding local small businesses and supporting them as much as you can. Support your local Mom and Pop stores and that goes for groceries, clothes, gas etc.
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