need help ???

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Default need help ???

i have a chevy big block and cannot get my valves to stop making noise and motor to run right if i set them at 1/4 turn runs great but at 1/2 a turn runs like crap it is a hydraulic cam all i know is it is a rv cam i have tried setting them diffrent ways from what i have read online and none of them work what am i doing wrong the motor ran fine b4 i broke a pushrod and lifter so i changed oput them for new ones and now got this problem any help ty?????
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is it while driving its making noise? if so i'd check timing? jmo
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not while driving timing is at 36 degrees i have had no problems setting lifters on other motors b4 just no matter what i do i have rocker arm noise i am thinking mabe valve springs weak ??? thanks for any suggestions anybody has
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Built a 468 for my buddies 68 Camaro. When we took the dual plane of and put a single plane on it, you could hear the lifter noise thru the bottom of the intake since there was only a thin piece of aluminum covering the lifter galley. I would go 1.4 turn.

How do you adjust them? With it running or off? I always do my hydralics with it running.
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Maybe you have a collapsed lifter...
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just stabing at this but what about cam lobe flatten on the lobe you lost the lifter and pushrod on?adjust them all again and run car then go back and check and see if the lifter that you replaced is loose again.maybe the cam lobe is flatten on you.something to look at.
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