Just When You Think???????? Senate bill fines

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Default Just When You Think???????? Senate bill fines

Senate bill fines people refusing health coverage

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The Congressional Budget Office estimated the fines will raise around $36 billion over 10 years

that money will come in handy to help pay for deadbeats.
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Default Fines

Thats just great.I am unemployed.Now they say they offer COBRA insurance.Who in the hell can afford Cobra when what you get want even cover thw bills you have And now you are telling me I will get fined.The ones who are un lucky enough to be un emplyed are going to get screwed.I worked at a dodge dealership and did not ask to be put in this position.I have been out of work since december and my fingers are cramped from all of the applications I have filled out.If this economy is coming back I cant see it and now the goverment is going to screw me yet another way.What ever they do I will garuntee you it want benifit the un employed.
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