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Originally Posted by kod99
Thanks David, I'll try that next time I'm having trouble with the burnout. Is that how you do it everytime, or just when you're having trouble doing the burnout?

everytime.. never know when its gonna hook or not depending on track so I make it hook.
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Stop rolling so far out of the box. Have your spotter keep you right and the end of the box still a little in the water. I don't think you are spining the water off to fast. Worth a try.
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Default Re: No burnout

Originally Posted by kod99
Is there such a thing as too much VHT? Did the lack of rubber at the lights have anything to do with it? Any ideas?

Actually Yes in a sense. A track can be over prepped being so good that the car has a hard time resulting in the condition decribed. The tire grabs hard, spins, shakes the tires. Something has to give if you have any power. The tire, the clutch, the trans... something needs to have a little slip. We recently ran into this condition and had to soften everything at the leave. We also lowered the tire pressure a little bit.

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[/quote]I don't think it would be worth the trip as it's a long ways north of you in Alberta, Canada. They only run the event once a year in June. So I can look for you next year?[/quote]

Nah it's all you man, I think I'm gonna have to El~paso on that one.
Goodluck to ya, next
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