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Default Drive On Lift

I arrange to purchase a 4 post rotary lift from JR4330 add#1345397 on Wendsday for a pickup on Saturday. I call him on Thursday to ensure things were still good to go and get his address, Joe proceeds to tell me he deceided not to sell because of yada yada yada. I think it was that he got a better offer from someone else no money had change hands between us because he said that it wasn't necessary since we live within a few hours of each other he is not a man of his word. Just a warning to anyone else that strike a deal with this guy.
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i sent him a pm on the classifieds , maybe he will come over and explain his side of this.


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Default lift

Yes let's see how he spin's the story, I offered several time's to send hold money during our first conversation but he insited it wasn't necessary.
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I still got the lift i did not sell it. I had a deal to buy a man 2 post lift when i sold my. When i called him to say i sold my lift he said that he was not going to sell his lift that cheap he change is mind. That was the only reason why i was selling my so cheap so i could buy his. I just want a smaller lift. Don't use the big one that much and it take up a lot of room. Sorry that it turn out that way. I call as soon as i got off the phone with the other man and called the man that was buying my lift and explained what happened. And he was very up set but i could not sell it if i could not replace it .
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Default A Question


Does Jr330's response above = the "yada, yada, yada" in your first post? Did he tell you when you spoke the other guy bailed on him or jacked the price?

To the Group, what happens when you strike a deal contingent on a prior deal, and the first falls through? Should Jr have to sell his lift now that the deal on the other one collapsed?

I do know if its not for sale now, he needs to pull his ads, and if the sale is contingent on another he should probably let buyers know up front.

Just curious,

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Good questions, I looked at the old ad (he has removed it) and nowhere did it state anything about the deal depending on him buying another lift. If he agreed to sell then he should honor it BUT if he did inform the potential buyer of the situation then he is free and clear. The problem is in these scenarios you get to much "hesaid/she said"...

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Default Lift

I will say this and move on Joe did not mention that our deal was base on any other sell. He did say that a friend of his had a two post forsale and that it was more the size he needed in his current shop. When we spoke on Wednesday I was first told that he deceided not to sell and he was going to put the lift up outside the current shop. As we talked backed and forth he then said the other guy increased his lift by $200 so he wasn't going to get it so neither honors their word. Hell I would have given him the additional $200 if he had been up front with me if that was the real reason he wasn't going thru with our deal I don't think he was trueful then and my feeling's haven't changed if i'm wrong I apologize. To him and everyone else that read what I have written about a deal gone bad.

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