Oil blowing past oil filter seal during priming - help!

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Thanks cepx - someone mentioned polishing the piston and bore in the pump and then no worries.
Correct. If you free it up enough. You said something else that caused bells to go off in my head though.

Guess some crude or heat from brazing the pick-up caused this.....
You bet it will. Find out what size the bore where the piston goes is and get a flat bottom reamer and ream it by hand to clean the slight warp out of it. That is probaly whaty happened it probably warped the cylinder. If you can't find the size make it .003 to .005 bigger than the piston. You need the piston to float free and to not stick even if jammed hard toward the bottom.

TRASH THT FACTORY ADAPTER and buy a Billet Aluminum one from Moroso, Canton, CV Products, B&B or someone. The factory adapter is paper thin in it's weak places.

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THanks Ed - a better adapter will be in the works.

I took the oil pump off yesterday. Disassembled the relief valve and the piston is stuck. When I say stuck I mean welded stuck at the bottom of the bore (no buypass position). I could not free it so used the plate off a fairly new pump I had and now back in business. Bleeds off at 55 psi just as it was preset earlier.

The builder thinks that when he cleanedthe pump off after checking in oil he might have also displaced the oil in the pump or at least to the extent some corrosion formed and froze the piston in place.

I would say the heat from brazing but he tack welded the pick-up on so heat generally is not as high as brazing.

Eitherway - problem solved, set me back a day, but no damage done.
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