Something I read, Is it true?

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Default Something I read, Is it true?

I was reading a magazine, a few months ago, in which they have a performace Q & A section and I came across something that I wasn't too sure about. A reader wrote in looking for advice on picking a camshaft and gave some specs on his motor. Here they are:

388ci small block chevy with a 3.75" stroke, 6" H-beam rods,and forged 10:1 Keith Black pistons, topped off with heads wtih 200 cc runners and 0.570" max lift, a shaft rocker system with 1.6:1 intake and 1.5:1 exhaust rockers and a Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake.

The editor replied with suggesting a Crane Powermax cam (F-280-2), duration: 252/260 degrees at 0.050" lift, 0.536/0.554 inch max lift. He also suggested to switch to a single plane intake. Now here is the part that I am not sure I believe. He said, "Your 388 should easily make 580-plus horsepower..."

Now I don't know much but from all the stuff I have seen 580 hp seem a bit high. Please let me know what you guys think.
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Sounds awfully overly optimistic considering the cam, heads, and compression.

Maybe a typo? Could he have meant 480 HP?

Even 480 HP seems a bit high to me...
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I think somewhere around the 500 mark is realistic with that combo. 580 might be stretching it a bit.
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500 would be tops with that combo, i had a 388 with a 670 roller alot big & better head,intake,13.5to1 on allky and made about 650hp so ya i would say typo.
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I agree with you guys, I've got a 406, about 13-1 on alchy, single pattern flat tappet cam .525 lift, 250 dur. at .050 lift. I doubt that its making 450 hp. at the flywheel. And yeah, I know that aint enough cam.
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