tube chassis vega wanders

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checked toe in looks like 50" in the front and 50 1/2 in the same spot in the back so if i compute properly it toe'd in 1/2 inch would this do it ?

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That wouldn't cause it to wander. If anything it's too much. My strut front Vette has 1/8" total toe in and goes straight as an arrow. I wonder if, when the strut front was installed, they didn't build in enough caster. As stated earlier, it should have 10 degrees or more positive. My Vette has 14 positive caster and 0 camber. Your best bet is to take it to a competent alignment shop and get it checked. They can also check & square the rear housing. Was the rack new when installed? Make sure nothing binds in the steering.
I'd really take a hard look at the ladder bar rod ends. I've seen those get worn and make a car unstable. It can get worse when the chassis unloads when you lift.

This is going to sound kinda stupid, so bear with me. I've had 2 other racecars other than my Vette. One was a 63 Nova, the other was a 68 Mark Williams FED. Both needed to be steered to keep in the groove. The first few passes in the Vette, I found it to be downright squirrely. Turns out I was steering it way too much. Is it possible you may be having a similar experience?
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Default steering

When you checked the toe in, did you check it all the way through the travel, what 3" on the struts? I have seen it spread open this much if the steering arms are not in the proper position. Good luck, TC
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