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give you some truth to your set up the comp is to low for such a deep stroke. You will still make around 800hp but you will not be getting the best out of this set up. Better you go with a 555 and make 900 and the motor will run clean. Deep strokes need a lot of comp trust me I was were you was at and I had to see Mr.Sonny $8,500 later now the engine is right do it right once not twice.
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You have almost everything to make 1000hp. That number isn;t as easy to make as most guys think. 1000REAL hp, not inflated advertising numbers, but in the real world. The cam for sure is to small, it won;t make that powewr with that cam. I use 270 at .050 cams on some pump gas 509's. Its a BIG engine, and it needs a BIG cam. Something like 286-298 at .050 with as much lift as you dare. But for sure you need something in the .800+ range. The heads will make that power easily.

I have made 1129hp and 985 ft/lbs on a 598 injected on alky with a ported Dart tunnel ram with those heads. 1000hp is not a big deal, just lighht on the cam

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I had a custom cam ground for my 572 (4.5x4.5) Ford with TFS A460 heads and its quite a bit bigger that yours, 284/[email protected], .816/.780 114 lsa. Heads are ported and its getting a 12-71 so I would think your motor would need alot more cam being that its a 622. Chris
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You really didn't give us enough information for us to give you or best advice; like what do you plan to use this engine for? If it is strickly for racing why would you even consider less compression. Also the centerline of the camshaft is going to make it very difficult to degree it in when working with the 4.75 stroke; you would be much better off with 116* centerline. The heads and advice about them depend on what type of use, Nitrous or not, and etc. This is true for the whole engine combination.

What state are you from? We build engines if you want professional advice.

Good Luck.
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