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Deleted post due to I no longer care about this company or the owner.

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Well you run into people like Anthony Comeaux once in a blue moon one that wont listen to some one that has been doing cylinder head work and engine work for over 30 years or probably any one. This is the 1ST time any one has said anything about my cylinder head work 1st off I don't offer that to people or advertise it I did this for him because some told me he need help. He sent the heads and parts to me I did not sell him anything. After I looked at his heads and parts I told him he could get some Brodix BR7 heads that were way better for less money than what he had in these stock heads valves were way to thin and heads look liked blems valve job was really bad. I made him send stock valves back and get some good Manley valves and still tried to send stock heads back he would not do it so I let me guy CNC the heads and he did well they came out of the machine with bad shading they had core shift or something (BLEMS) so I called him and said that they were not going to be a good set of heads but if he wanted them I would hand finish them to help well no one wants to have to do that there is a lot of time in doing that we did and I sent him pics of everything and even took $250.00 of invoice because I felt sorry for him. After he got the heads he was really happy with the way they turned out that's his words!!! After he started adding up what he had in heads he saw the light he had a lot of money in a pair of stock heads so now he gets mad at me. I have pics of the heads I can put on hear and if they were that bad he would have put them on hear RIGHT. He DID NOT PAY ME TO FLOW TEST THE HEADS OR CC THEM THE NUMBERS HE GOT WERE FROM A SET WE DID FOR SOME ONE THAT THERE HEADS DID NOT SHAD AND TURNED OUT RIGHT NOT BLEMS HIS NAME IS NOT ON THAT PAPER NORE DID HE GET A PRINTED FLOW SHEET. I also get people to CNC heads for us like HVH , Dart , Brodix . profiler , MM and I am Master DIST for just about every one and worked with every one of these companies with there heads. I have been in business for 35 years and do dam good work ! in ever state in the US and Canada and many more countries around the world!!!
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Thanks for replying Jim, its always nice to get both sides of the story

As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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after you seen the heads and if you say they were that bad, why not cut your loss and run the other way? not blaming anybody just have to wonder.
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sorry my question was for naylor after he inspected the heads that you sent him.
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