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Default be careful of this guy Lgoor (#830932)

his name is leon

that is the add, made contact with him and he turned down my offer of 4000

the next morning at 630am he is texting me asking if i was serious, i said yes i was and wanted to buy it and i would pay shipping on it, he refused to ship it. would not use paypal so i suggested UPS and send it COD, he refused that option.

Leon said he would only do it face to face with cash, i agreed and asked him to meet me half way from his home city and mine, he agreed, we each drove 3 hours and 15 minutes give or take to a place i suggested, it was supposed to be a cafe at a off ramp of the interstate, well it had been at one time but now was abandoned.

he showed up and i looked at the parts, it was super cold and the wind was howling so i asked him if it was complete he said it was.

now this is my own fault because i did not go through and inventory everything. i took him at his word.

when i got home i went through the inventory and on it there was supposed to be an intercooler kit and a crank shaft pulley.
i asked about both now i was not expecting him to give me the intercooler, i was asking and did ask him if he had it and wanted to sell it also.

Leon said he would look for the pulley , after 2 days i text him asking about it, he said he could not find it, i asked well what are we gonna do about this, he told me sorry your loss it was bought as is, should it turn up ill send it too you.

now at first i tried to reason with Leon, but he was having nothing to do with it, i lost my cool and started to call names first i admit that was my fault, he started to accuse me of lying and trying to scam him, then he insulted my weight ( i weigh 300lbs) and make fun of my car ( i drove my rode car there a 1997 saturn that gets 35 miles per gallon and i drive it when i go on the road for work, lol it was a brand new engine and 5 speed in it and an alpine 2 dinn navigation multi media stereo in it, that cost me 5 times what the car is worth, i didn't want to drive my 2015 dodge dually with a cummins because it doesn't get as good of milage and it was still hocked up to my race trailer)

as our argument progressed he told me he found it on his engine and that it was there from mock up.

that is the add for the engine and on it you can see my cog drive pulley.

he said he was gonna take the high rode and mail it to me (even though i did offend and make vulgar remarks about his girlfriend or wife that was with him)so i gave him an address to ship it to at my local UPS store that would hold it for me (didn't want him to have my home address since he has threatened me)i asked him to send a tracking number and if he wanted to ship it to me COD id pay for the shipping.

Leon has not answered a single call of mine in two weeks, or responded to a single text or email.

i understand that i escalated this and help to feed into it but, when he said he found the pulley and realized HE made a mistake in accusing me of trying to scam him Leon should of manned up and said "your an asshole and i was wrong about you trying to scam me, i will ship you the pulley if you pay for shipping" an i'd gladly would of accepted that ( i can be an asshole) and moved on.

But unfortunately Leon is acting like the child i accused him of being.

So guys be carful of this guy, i do not think he was trying to rip me off on purpose i think it was a honest mistake, but he wont make it right even after it has been proven the WE BOTH made mistakes.

i told him from the beginning i did not want money i wanted the pulley and if he couldn't find it then he should order a replacement that was the same as it had and have it shipped to me
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