ok simple question to be answered

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If the kids a real smart a$$, tell him HP is how fast your fist will smash his face but TQ is how much its gonna hurt

gnsrule......man thats just to funny :lol: you rule!
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Ok tell him he has way more hp than my diesel truck. Now let's chain them together and I will demonstrate what tq is HEHEHE.
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Default TQ vs HP

To some degree torque is the grunt that gets things moving, and horsepower is the force that keeps things moving.

On modern day dynamometers horsepower is a calculated value. It's important to remember the dyno measures torque and rpm and then from these calculates horsepower. On the dyno it takes more water flow to the water brake to increase the load on the engine being tested. As the test engine's torque rises more water flow is needed. As the test engine's torque drops less water flow is needed. The dyno's water brake does not respond to Horsepower. Major adjustments to water flow are needed as an engine crosses its torque peak but none are needed as it crosses its horsepower peak. In other words the water flow to the brake during a dyno test follows the engines torque curve and not its horsepower curve. Torque is what twists the tire, prop, or pump. Horsepower helps us understand an amount or quantity of torque. (Torque + time and distance)
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I always heard that horsepower doesn't actually exist.That it's a measurement of torque over a period of time.I also have been told that 1 hp is the amount of energy required to lift 600lbs straight up one foot.If it can go 1 foot why not 2? don't make sense to me.TAKE HIM FOR A RIDE,THAT'LL CLEAR IT UP
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Tell him is import ricer has neither! Then he will understand? :lol:
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Default Re: ok simple question to be answered

Originally Posted by rabiddawg
I tried to explain to this ricer kid at work about torque and horsepower he dont get it.
he is stuck in his idea that horsepower gets a car moving and is the sole force required?
I tried to explain as simple as possible til I was blue in the face but I gave up.
ok anyway to explain these two forces in real easy terms and the relation between the two ?
(gotta keep it simple so a ricer can understand)
Tell the kid to go and race a diesel pickup and he MIGHT win depending on the mods the diesel has. Then tell him to weight his little ricer to 7000 lbs to equal out the weight between his ricer and the diesel. Now he can race the diesel again and he might understand how the diesels torque just waxed his @ss. Maybe he might get it.
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