what sparkplugs provide the most hp,acceleration

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Default what sparkplugs provide the most hp,acceleration

doing a survey on who thinks who makes the strongest sparkplugs. so tell me what you use,and do they work?
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I use Ngk's work great! David.
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We all have different reasons for selecting the plugs we select.

Way back before Warren Johnson get a DElco sponsorship he liked to use the Champion plugs, which at the time many considered them to be Mopar plugs and didn't like them. What he wnted in a plug they provided. That was the Champion offered several varying heat ranges in-between what was offered by any other plug company. He ran pretty good. After he was sponsored by AC DElco he began using the AC Plugs. He ran pretty good.

After Jim Ytes was picked up by Split Fire as main sponsor he used only those plugs. He ran pretty good.

When Bob Glidden was racing and sponsored by Ford Motorcraft and later Autolite, he ran those. He ran pretty good.

A lot of nitrous racers love the NGK. A lot of nitrous racers love the Autolite.

What you do not want in a racing engine is a resistor sprak plug.

So to give you an answer that will not answer your question;
Any spark plug that is capable of bridging the gap between the conductor and the ground electrode at the cylinder pressures needed and with the fuel used.

If the plug works well with the engine and is the right gap for conditions and right heat range you will not find a nickel's worth of horsepower difference between the brands.

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29 Years ago when doing a paid dyno session comparing the MSD 7AL to the Mallory Super Mag I asked the then general manager of MSD Harold Bettes which brand of spark plugs made the most power. his answer was
[8 that work]
In the time period since then we have done hundreds of back to back tests both for our own information and for customers that brought several brands in to test in there own engines.
Our conclusion is that Harold was dead on. Bill
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The dyno guy where I dyno my motors at told me the same thing...that there is no hp in spark plugs unless one of them is bad. I have always used NGK and I have not had any problems with them, but that is just my personal preference.
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there is a lot of gimmick plugs out there!
most are a waste of money
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I use a Champion racing plug that does not need to be indexed!
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Originally Posted by davis419b
I use a Champion racing plug that does not need to be indexed!
Curious which # you run, that car I purchased had champions in it and I always run autolites. Thought about getting a few sets of champions for the trailer.

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