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Originally Posted by billhendren
Studs will distort the deck or main caps different than bolts.the reason is they have fine threads on the top of the stud 7/16 x 18 in the block and 7/16 x 20 on the stud. the fine threads have more leverage than coarse threads in the block so the clamp load is higher than with a bolt at the same torque.if you check a main bearing bore with bolts then install studs you will see the distortion,same with the cylinder except the cylinder distorts more than the mains.Bill
I agree a 100% on stud distortion and bolt distortion.
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Lots of answers, One thing I know is I dont use lock tite and i dont EVER screw a stud down tight in a hole! my first answer with the torque plate part was I was just thinking about bolt vs. stud . that was in one of the answers sorta,,,.... I didlearn some things as always!!!! David. p.s. I also didnt mean to leave anyone else out as far as engine guys go! THERE IS A LOT OF TALENT IN THIS FORUM THAT IM VERY PROUD TO KNOW !!!!!!!! David.
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Originally Posted by zipper06
(7/16 x 18 in the block)

Bill, i think you meant 7/16 X 14 threads in the blk.

. Long day, thanks Bill
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I get to add my two cents worth(all its worth). Been in industries for 38 years with numerous engineers with stud and bolts. Bill is correct on his analysis of the advantages of studs.The fine threads at the top (7/16-20) does provide more clamp force than a 7/16 bolt. At one time I calculated the additional force but too much time and too many beers have gone over the damn. This is one of the reasons that we profisise studs. Also we never tighten the shoulder of the stud into the hole. We use conservative amount of blue Loctite and install stud to shoulder and back off 1/4 turn. We then install head and torque to 40 ft lbs and let set over night ant then disassemble. This forces the stud to be held to the top of the threads and is straight. There are other advantages to studs but yall get the crux of my intent. Don't get me wrong I do not profess to be and expert. Far from. Just our way and nothing more.
sorry for the dissertation
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be carfull when buying head studs i bought a set for std small block chevy heads and i have dart heads some of the bolts are hard to get to because of the large spring diameter i'd go for 12 point.
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