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Default Re: procomp????

Originally Posted by cboggs
Originally Posted by JustinLadner
i seen some procomp bbc heads on ebay and the like for 500 to 600 dollars they come bare wit 320 cc ports and 115 cc chambers has anyone here ever used them or know anything about them

It's been posted here 1,000 times, .. they are JUNK, ..
just like anything else you get what you pay for.

:P :P
There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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Default Pro Comp heads

I have had customers bring them in and we have used them.

We had a sbc set that went 9.0's and 160 in the 1/4
I have used the 320's as well.
I have another build friend and he get about 980hp ish out of them, NA.

I would want to look at them first.
320 are big for a small bbc...

Good Luck.
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All NEW Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Big Bock Chevy
Now available in 320cc or 360cc Intake Runners.
Multi purpose head for street, drag race or power
boat applications. 360cc Intake runner is not available at this time.
3 Angle Valve Job Yes
Head Torque Settings 65-70ft lbs Short (7/16)
70-75ft lbs Long (7/16)
Rocker Stud Torque 50ft lbs
Combustion Chamber 115 cc
Spring Pocket 1.625"
Rocker 1.7
Installed Valve Height 2.00"
Valve Angle 15º/24º
Intake Valve 320cc 2.250" + .250
Intake Valve 360cc 2.300" + .250
Exhaust Valve 1.880" + .100
Intake Push Rod 8.50" Manley 25850
Exhaust Push Rod 9.50" Manley 25960
Intake Face Angle 90º
Intake Guide Material Manganese Bronze
Exhaust Guide Material Phosphor Bronze
Intake Port Dimensions 1.640" x 2.4"
Head Gasket Fel-Pro 1047
Intake Gasket Fel-Pro 1275
Head Studs Manley 13083
Manifold - Edelbrock 2902
Spark Plug Suggested Starting Range only C57C
@ 28" SFH 5030120 320cc Intake EXHAUST FLOW SPECIFICATIONS
@ 28"
0.200" Lift -171.09 cfm 0.200" Lift -123.31 cfm
0.300" Lift -254.44 cfm 0.300" Lift -167.20 cfm
0.400" Lift -321.91 cfm 0.400" Lift -205.73 cfm
0.500" Lift -357.53 cfm 0.500" Lift -241.59 cfm
0.600" Lift -377.37 cfm 0.600" Lift -261.88 cfm
0.700" Lift -390.03 cfm 0.700" Lift -279.57 cfm

flow numbers on the JUNK HEADS they flow better than my
canfields, but they are junk cause their cheap, maybe if they
raise the price they can compete, i paid $300 more for
the canfield any cheaper and the canfields would be junk
if anyone gave me a set of these junk head i would throw
them in the trash, too cheap, needs to be more expensive
god for bid there might be something cheap and good out there,
just JUNK, give me the expensive heads any time.
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We have no way of knowing which quality of head or heads you will get if you buy these. If you are lucky (?) you will get a matched set of problems. Usually not. Usually the problems discovered with one head will not be the same problems discovered on the other. You can look forward to a possibility of the rocker arm stud holes and the studs not mounted in correct alignment so rocker arm geometry can be accomplished without expensive head repairs to fix the problem. The problem I just mentioned is far too common in the import heads. You may find valve seats that are soft or inferior. You may find that the deck thickness of one head is not the same as the other head and the valves between the two heads will not be at the same depth. The many different problems that keep showing up in some of the import heads give builders and never ending learning experience.

Or you could get a perfect pair.

Have you thought about how those flow numbers are gotten? A hint is the runner sizes are huge and are not shaped well at all. Sheeer mass size will give big flow numbers on a bench but will not perform as well as a well designed and smaller port.

They are not junk,because they are cheaper.
They are junk becuase they are junk and that is why they are cheaper is to try to sell a price instead of selling a cylinder head.

I like Canfield heads. I consider them to be among the best of the lower price range heads and will work pretty well for their cost with minor bowl work and minor tootsie roll finishing. Still you want to match the runner with the application when possible.

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No doubt there are better heads and I would rather build froma know brand. As we both know often times we assemble the part we are given....

Seldom do the guys with unlitmited budget show up at the door step and spend whatever it takes!
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Some people are just too stuborn to listen to 30 years of experience.
Junk is Junk, .. there's no hiding that behind some advertising
mumbo jumbo, .. plus I'll bet the flow numbers are BS too.

It's not about the price, . it's the quality of work, .. well there isn't any.
The seats have fallen out killing an entire engine, .. so the money saved should
be put in the bank to pay for the new block and pistons you'll need.
The castings are very thin and crank, .. on big roller cams they will
pull the stud right out of the top of the intake port, .. gotta look past
the advertising text, ..

Spend an extra $500 or so and buy a quality part that will last you for
years. Buying cheap junk is false economics, .. costs you more in the long run.
It's not an unlimited budget deal, .. that's a cop out, .

Canfields when properly ported will run VERY well.

We NEVER isntall parts on customer's jobs we don't have confedence in.
That's our job and why we have the reputation we do.

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hey yall ,,,,,,,, thanks for the post i realize now what they was saying
about junk,,,, i thought it was they jus couldnt hold up to nitrous or boost or the like thanks
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Justin , you have created a
In my opinion if I had a fairley stock motor without allot of money vested in and I wasn't planning on use power boosters and they were FREE, I wouldn't be afraid to bolt them on and see what happens , but then again if I had a built motor with allot money vested in, noway in friggin hell.
I think that it all goes back to the saying of you get what you pay for.
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No doubt there are better heads and I would rather build froma know brand. As we both know often times we assemble the part we are given....

Seldom do the guys with unlitmited budget show up at the door step and spend whatever it takes!
Have I done that all too much. I agree and yes' 99 9/10 percent of my customers just don't have a budget to go racing but they want to and I do my best to help them to that.

I would much prefer to see a customer bring me an older but good set of quality heads to use than brand new pieces of junk with no port design in mind when they were cast in the first place. Actually far too often I even help them find heads used that are in a price range where they can afford them, rather than me put up with and see them trying to use foreign made junk cylinder heads.

I can make stuff run very well even limited budget stuff which even the big engines I do are as compared to what is the usual. SO if these is any capability in the parts, I feel I can find it.

I do not like big port heads that have ports large only for the purpose of advertising huge airflow numbers. I do not like pieces of cylinder heads breaking becuase the metal is impure and is junk material instead of a good old USA made Alloy, or because the casting quality control sucked and it turned out to be too thin in places we thought it was strong.

I hate with a passion to tell someone that their brand new right price imported heads will need $500 to $1,000 worth of repair work before we can even get started good with them. Like I said, some come through OK.If you see enough of them, you will not want to see anymore after you start finding problems caused by cheap manufacturing using inferrior alloy metal.

I know guys that have good luck with them so all are not trashy. Question is do people really want to buy something like that taking a gamble that theirs will be the good ones.

My opinion is, If you can only afford the cheaper head and it has to be aluminum, buy quality American heads that are used. Most everything I build in BB Chevy starts out with used heads. With SB Chevys The most expensive set of heads new I have ever been able to buy is $1,400 heads but I still end up making them run somehow. Now I have used some better SB heads but the customers already owned them from either a new source or a used source. I have been priviledged to be able to use some really good Used BB Heads though.

For what you are wanting, mu suggestion is to keep your eyes open for some good heads from Brodix, Dart, Airflow, Canfield etc, of the smaller version styles. Also about the best price you will buy a Canfield for is from Competition Products.

Others may disagree with me on this.

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Stepping in on these heads,
I'm the person that posted in a prior post that the deck thinkness is only 3/8" thk.
I sell pro-comp products and have seen both b/ blk. and sm/blk heads, bare and assembled.
The flow rated posted earlier in the topic is for the full CNC ported b/blk heads. i have sold s/blk heads for street use only, but refused to sell a set to a person who has a small B&M blower on engine which was pushing 8 lbs. on a 355" with double hump heads. He did however go to another source and purchased a set of 210 runner heads, completely assembled for about $650.00. i don't know whats going to happen because he has now gone to a 383" with his new pro-comp heads (the engine is not installed yet)
The CNC ported heads mentioned earlier are ported by Direct Motion, which is right next door to ProComps old warehouse in Ca. then sent back to the warehouse where they are assembled by JR. :roll: who doesn't have a clue about racing performance or quality parts. I don't know where the valves come from, but they are 11/32" stems on the b/blks and 5/16" on the s/blks, the rocker studs are heilicoiled from the factory.
I recently sold an Eagle cast rotating assm. and a set of 210 procomp heads for a 383 street built mtr., but the .525 hyd. roller cam and all related parts were purchased from Crower, including springs keepers etc.
It was installed in a 1974 vette. I have to say that this combo runs really good for a street car.
Would i run these heads in a racing application? Not when i have $4,000.00 in a short blk with 14 to 1 comp. and a .700 lift cam with 750 to 900 lbs, spring pressure.
I can't comment on the seats falling out or the rocker location being out of place, because i've haven't seen it happen and i've never checked the geomitry of the rockers, since i've never used them. I do however agree if you want to go fast you better look for dependability.
I can buy these heads dirt cheap and still will not use them. I'm a Brodix person. and every set of heads i have (3) all have thk. decks that will hold head gaskets under load.
I was offered a set (FREE) for my 1471 blown alcohol 383 motor but i doubt if it would get off the engine stand before it popped a head gasket.
bottom line is you get what you pay for and i won't sell them to you if they are going on a competition motor.
I don't advertise on RJ or ebay, i only sell word of mouth and cannot afford to replace a good short blk because someone bought the wrong parts.

Just my .02

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