which nitrous system to buy for 100-300hp plate type system

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Default which nitrous system to buy for 100-300hp plate type system

i have a 572 pump gas bbc and merlin x intake with dominator 1050 carb. I need a nitrous system with the plate style under carb. Which system should i buy?
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none ! You can't make up your mind what to do can you Gary?
Example: first blown, then twin turbo ,now nitrous, think about it nitrous in a boat (HHHummmm) how long do you expect to stay on the bottle and how many bottles do you expect to carry? :shock:
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Default so u think im wishy washy??????

ever thought i might have more than one combination for my boat???? I guess not!!!!!! If i had my choice, i would have twin turbos back in my boat like i used to. I had a 526 keith black bbc all aluminum with water jacketed gentry turbine housings. FUI, i had to sell the whole engine a few years ago to pay for my daughters wedding and havent been able to recoup enough money to get back there. Ive had this boat for 11 years and had every kind of motor u can think of and YES, i have had good experience with nitrous but have never run a dominator carb and nitrous. I was just asking what the latest most popular nitrous systems were available right now since there are several to choose from. DONT ASSUME I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING. wHY DONT U GET A BOAT AND THEN RACE ME???THEN WE WILL SEE HOW CONFUSED U THINK I AM. IM JUST NOT MADE OUT OF MONEY AND MY RENT HOUSES HAVE STOLEN A LOT OF MY PLAY MONEY. IM JUST TEMPORARILY GOING TO RUN NITROUS . OK?
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I like the new speedtech diffuser system, makes alot of power and easy to tune.
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Nitrous Express Stage 6 kit, this kit is simple and easy. 100-300hp. I've ran it for 2 years when I put it on there I had no idea what I was doing and it was pretty easy to get it working and working right. I shot mine with alky also.
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I prefer the Speed Tech Diffuser Plate system but it is pricey.

The NX Wilson, ZEX, Edlebrock and even the newer NOS are all ok. I would stay away from older design plates though.
I sell Speed Tech and NX. I use both.
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Badbug3 (Gary)

My hat's off to you what ever you do. I tried a boat once 15years ago, well, a 16 and a half foot surf board with a blown L88 stern drive. ONCE.
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