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Ultra Chiller, Apple Valley, CA

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Ultra Chiller

(800) 937-1864
Ultra Chiller
Apple Valley
Apple Valley, CA 92307
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Ultra Chiller was founded out of necessity in 2007 when I was stuck in a Cessna over the Mojave Desert. The temperature in the aircraft was a balmy 110 degrees with the windows open. Due to my line of work I was only allowed to have the windows open for a brief period of time. I researched and purchased just about every system I could find. They were mostly crap. After using the commercial race products and deciding that they lack the necessary endurance and features, I designed my own. A system that lasts and could handle the constant turbulence of low level flight. Over the years we have worked with professional racers to build custom solutions for racing. We test in the off road enviroment to guarantee success on and off the pavement. Thank you for your support and God Bless America. -Chris @ Ultra Chiller