View Full Version : LS1 compression vs boost

04-12-2014, 05:21 PM
Hi guys, I'm currently building a 2003 LS1 engine.
I'm running ARP studded bottem end, standard crankshaft, SCAT forged H-Beam rods 6.100"
I'm also going to be running a T04Z turbo with a front mount intercooler.

The 38mm external Tial wastegate I purchased came with 2 pressure springs one at 9psi and the other at 14.4psi.

Before I purchase pistons I have 2 questions, firstly what pistons should I be using forged or hyper with boost ?
Secondly what compression ratio would you recommend I run for 9psi and or 14.4psi.
I guess I need these questions answered before I purchase pistons so I can purchase a set which will lower my CR to what is required.

I will be using 64cc heads also.

Any advice would be helpful.
Cheers Rick