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Date Posted: 2015-04-10 07:21:43
I think way too many extra parts cause way too many bad habits. I think would trying to send in Madden Players to the outside World help like trying to turn a Video Gamer into A Racer? Having an unhealthy fixation with the 3 Rings and no one knows Places is not a good deal.

Date Posted: 2015-04-03 13:06:30
I think Europewide, I think they lost their cool when Formula One tried to be regal after Schumi. Coming out the other other side of 2009, they've tried to pump Man U like Simeon and we've tried pumping regions in lieu of scripts, but, I'd like knowing the end of the mystery and mystique kept as-was.

Date Posted: 2015-03-30 12:09:59
If Honda chucks more than abnormal Debris Cautions like Sprint Cup actually came to New Orleans, I'd fear the valuable and expensive points Honda would have missed out on would have been too much to recover. We know they've had a motor, but, why not offer Modifieds at Long Beach?

Date Posted: 2015-03-30 08:16:36
Even though not everybody has or wants to have a tie with their Home Region's Sports, but, in the end, people care about their regions futility or success. It's Still Sooner Born and Sooner Bred even if they won 8 More National Titles. And, even though we have 27 Final Fours next weekend, it don't mean its Chalk like 2012 even though the story was different, but, I still feel hurt for Wichita, Wichita State and Sedgewick County for doing the Battle of New Orleans II in Omaha and causing Kansas to do an unheard of tailspin since the Late 70s, and 1 Chance with Notre Dame was obvious, even if Alabama did hire Coach Marshall because Wichita couldn't afford to keep him in.

Date Posted: 2015-03-20 12:41:55
I am starting to think that Brian Vickers' Health Issues is Terminal. If it is terminal, it would look and feel worse than some of my relatives I'd known and that is not good.

Date Posted: 2015-03-17 16:09:05
I think potentially, Rookie Orientation has the Potentcy of being a Mini Race instead of a drab, sad, impersonation of tutorial. I think if Formula One went bellyup tomorrow, I'd challenge any and every F1, GP2 and F3000 to pump up the Jam and more than a Few Good Papers to race in Rookie 100, and who doesn't wreck their clunker is in the Indy 500 Entry List Forever. (Okay, I had to take a swing at Dallara, as the more they try, the more idiotical they become). And, again, I'd like to see real Indy 500 Pole Battles vs. the Darian Thunder and Faculty Storms.

Date Posted: 2015-03-14 16:24:38
Even though I am not presently a driver or car builder, but, it sure feels wrong to have IndyCar start on the Other Side of Motorcycles. I think other than neutering a series that needs to blossom, I think every future IndyCar Schedule needs to be "The 33" from Early March to Turkey Night. I am not proud of Dallara needling more of "our" money and the ignorance of science will cause the Years After 50 Quotient and it is not bliss to not expect expectations, or have them or the expectations of earning nice parts and pieces vs. having everything go Baylor.

Date Posted: 2015-03-11 14:06:31
I think Professionalism pays the bills, and I feel in Pro Sports, and Entertainment, we got so animated over sales or showmanship to care over being a pro. I think John Daly talking about Drug Testing is not a good deal, because every golf league in the World whistled wise because of him. If Ashley or Aubrey or Caitlin or Kathryn from Ankeny won The Masters, would Augusta really want them at all? If the Red Sox Manager Farrell vs. Will Ferrell did 9 Spots in 1 Day, it'd be an accomplishment vs. annoyance.

Date Posted: 2015-03-05 01:27:09
I really doubt NASCAR would let Gene Haas collect Owner Points exclusively as a bid to run Regan Smith. I think Kurt Busch's Road to Reinstatement is cut because Chevy's Fired Him, and I feel why not Ryan Truex or Parker Kligerman in the 41 Instead? And, to add to the mayhem, the reason Cup Drivers can't collect at the lower tier is obvious, but, I'd love to see David vs. Goliath and more After All These Years Wins. It runs in the same corner why everyone loves the Europeanisms with their Unis (Lat and Longbody Stripes) and too much Black on Black on the Unis, which I don't mind an All Black Uni Set if it was in the School Color Scheme vs. Money Grab or in Tradition, but, if it was 2 Strong Colors like USA Soccer or Olympics, it would have to be Blue or Red for the Main Uniform and that's goes for Home Uniform, too.

Date Posted: 2015-03-05 01:19:38
And, I was meaning Leadership at the State, National and International Levels that having financing that rivals a Payola is not a good look because people need labor and money for that labor one way or another. I hate to look like I am always calling Jose Conseco Level Ratting, or Dry Snitching in Streetese, but the truth is the truth.
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