The Dodge Demon is Officially a 9 Second Car That’s Banned from NHRA

The wait is finally over, the new 2018 Dodge Demon is the most powerful muscle car ever built. In fact, the term muscle car really doesn’t do the Demon must justice. The fact is, this is a legitimate drag car. The Dodge Demon is the first ever production car fitted with a four-point harness, drag radials, and trans brake. What makes this car even more insane is that it only takes 100 octane; that’s right, so if you purchase one of these bad boys, you better live near a race track or gas station that sells it or you’ll be enjoying the Demon’s interior waiting for AAA.

Under the hood of the Demon is an all-new 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi motor cranking out 840 horsepower and 770 pounds-feet of torque, which makes this the most powerful production V8, ever. When Dodge says all new, they mean it. The only thing the Demon shares with its little Hellcat cousin are its cylinder heads. Everything else is all new, including a new deck honed block, pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, camshaft, valve train and a new larger 2.7 liter supercharger.

Dodge Demon, NHRA, HEMI

Performance numbers:

  • 0-30 mph: 1.0 second
  • 0-60 mph: 2.3 seconds
  • Quarter-mile: 9.65 seconds at 140 mph

The Dodge Demon is so powerful that after the NHRA certified it’s 9.65 second 1/4 mile, they banned it from competition. Mainly because with a car this fast from the factory you will need a competition license and extra safety equipment. Dodge is still seeing this as a plus. “Being banned from the NHRA with this car at first sounds like a negative but reality is it’s really huge street credibility for this car. Even the National Hot Rod Association says you’ve pushed too far, you’ve done too much, you’ve broken a record that’s not supposed to be broken in a production car. To me that letter is a badge of honor.” says Tim Kuniskis Head of Passenger Cars Dodge, SRT, FIAT, Chrysler of North America.


35 Comments on The Dodge Demon is Officially a 9 Second Car That’s Banned from NHRA

    • I have read around 100k so unreachable for the average person. So 100k 1500 bucks a month to have a car you cannot enjoy unless want to go to jail or put a cage in it. Add another 5k a year for insurance too.

      • If the price tag is to high, for whomever, all well. Some people can only afford a Hyundai. And a lowly 6 cylinder Camaro/Stang/Callengern is out of there reach. Your point nil and void.

        With the Demon, a cage for
        The drags? No problem IF your planning on it.
        Go to jail for a simple drive? Or exploring the limits? 2 different things. And the second one being illegal would be just. Funny to note, this can also be done in a Hundai.

  1. Most people don’t give a crap about a car that only goes fast in a straight line. The car doesn’t handle is wont brake fast and is going to be a death trap to the average idiot that shouldn’t buy a fast car. Wait till you try to insure this thing good luck as no one is going to pick you up on it like trying to put insurance on a 200k muscle car. Specialty insurance and high dollar. Take a z06/zl1/ctsv/gt500/or even a hellcat throw a 100 shot on it and drag radials and beat it and have a total package car. This format is a waste as cannot even go to track and enjoy it unless you tear out the whole interior and put a 12 point cage in it then go get your 9 second license and the other list of safety devices to make it 9 second legal. You can’t even show up and pedal it or trip the tree then get on it they won’t let you run period. A waste of a car and why it’s better to buy something else and make it faster with support parts unless you just have 200k to throw away at buying and then rebuilding a car. Fact is if GM put a vin number in a COPO then sold that this car wouldn’t be close to any record as that car runs 8s as GM sells it. So if they want in this stupid game too mopar loses.

    • Actually, it comes from the factory tuned to run on 91 octane which results in consistent low 10s so yes you can take it to your local track and destroy any stock camaro or vette GM ever produced!! Haggerty has partnered with srt and is the official insurance company for the demon so no worries there either and if you are worried about the price of insurance you probably can’t afford the car anyway!! Brilliant marketing by SRT!!!

      • Honestly, I bet it will tech in IHRA as they seem to be well lax on their inspections as compared to NHRA. I remember years ago I had a Oldsmobile that failed tech for NHRA a few times for different reasons and it passed first try with IHRA. Honestly, with shows like Street Outlaws so popular now, I see this as a rich kid’s car who wants to try to dominate the street.

    • Wow. A GManiac. Joe needs a laxative. Just stick with your 50cc scooter & half-shell helmet, Joe, these cars are way too much for you. Don’t play with firearms, either, Joe. We don’t need any more sad statistics.

      • He’s probably a snowflake who voted for the Hag, too! Him saying that “the average idiot shouldn’t buy a fast car” and “is wont brake fast”, is proof that he was talking about himself!

        • Well I would trust a person that voted for Hillary over one that voted for that vile, narcissistic, racist, lying ass bigot (45) we are watching destroy America. Still a great country where building/buying a car like this is legal/possible, but that is in dire straights too….
          OK, you had to mention politics, so don’t jump on me for elaborating the truth that so desperately needs to be told.

    • I beg to differ drag racers all love to go fast in a straight line. Thats what muscle cars were all about in the 60’s and 70’s. Chrysler pumped out big block motors in most every car they built. Ford and GM had their big block cars in fact so did American Motors back then. I personally would love a new Challenger but not possible on retired GI pay. This car will be like the Viper they sell them but in very limited numbers and 800 plus HP is insane for street cars. Your right about one thing the insurance will be very costly. Just rich kids toys.

    • WOW! Sounds like you have a case of “Sour Grapes!”
      But even so, IF the average idiot decides to make the purchase, that is there call. And GOD bless’em.

  2. Yes they built the car fast and potentially dangerous, and yes there is a COPO car that is even faster but car companies build them for advertising, publicity, oh yes and to make a profit.
    If you can afford the car and buy the car it becomes your responsibility, did you get that “your responsibility” do with it as you wish and take responsibility for what happens.

  3. What happened to just building a car. How much will you have to prove when you just go and buy one. Myself I like to see what my hand’s have built

    • Big thumbs up. Over here, IT IS, built not bought.
      IMO, there’s no shame buying built. Saves a lot of headaches!
      But there is a bit of pride to say “I built it!” Which can not be done with bought.

  4. Wonder how many rich daddys boys are going wreck these cars.more money than brains. I build my cars not buy them. But wouldnt mind one of these.

  5. Wonder how many rich daddys boys are going wreck these cars.more money than brains. I build my cars not buy them. But wouldnt mind one of these

  6. I am a Chevy guy but, even I know how Dodge dominated back in the day, in spite of poor ignition systems. People could hate all they want but my hats off to you and all I have to say is WOW!!!. Now come on Chevy ;o)

  7. Well, it isn’t like your average kid that washes dishes at the local 24 hour grub spot is going to be able to get to own such a weapon anyway;. Now I admit that I haven’t learned yet what the cost of such a lovely S.O.B. is but I do know that most of the folks that get to actually own one of them wont be the typical person that could drive it or would drive it around. The car will be a trophy sitting in a showroom or in the last hole of the 6 hole garage. Nobody we know will even know somebody who knows somebody that knows somebody that seen one sitting at some guy’s mansion so just forget about seeing one tearing up the streets around Your Small Town, USA. But I bet we will see one at car shows, on television in the hands of drivers with credentials as long as your arm and who knows maybe they’ll explode one for some movie,,,which there should be laws against. AND insurance? You mean to actually drive the car on the street ? Insurance? Give the VIN to your agent and if your name isn’t Stewart or Force or Johnson or something along them lines forget it, it isn’t going to be able to be insured but for only a few elite IN THEIR GARAGE.
    You have to wonder what it would actually be like being able to drive one and try to get it to hook up hard ion all the conditions and attitudes your heart can dream of. I like to go SLIDEWAYS and also like to hook as hard as I can get grip so it sure would be fun to have a chance to drive something with Cup peak power but even better low to mid-range power than the
    best NASCAR cup cars.
    that resembloes and actually IS a street car.

    • I own a supercharged Viper that I bought new and my wife and I did All of the work ourselves. This looks like a reasonable way to get to 9.7 seconds. Your point about insurance is a good one. I have my Viper insured for the dollar amount that I want if something happened to it. (No repairs.) They have a track exclusion that you can buy the supplemental insurance for track days.(very expensive) All of that said; you would Own the street!

  8. A bunch of rich kids will die in these things within seconds of being behind the wheel and killing others such as mothers and families that don’t have time to grab the kids off the picnic blanket, heck they probably will come to rest in the living room or nursery. God forbid maybe even a school yard. Only Fiat Chrysler would be stupid enough to take a car like this and put it on the street. I quit JEEP Mopar back in the Daimler days and now they’ve sunk to this. Law firms will sue and they will get their aces handed to them by big name lawyers, but they already know and the handwriting is on the wall that they are going out of business anyway. Chrysler can’t make a decent reliable family sedan, anyone would buy, and their a foreign car that is less reliable than a KIA, or anything so why buy? Maybe Stupid? The feds need to make these off road only now before innocent people die. The NHRA already knows this. lol

  9. It’s called – Freedom of Choice.


    We Line in a Free democratic country- this is a product for [email protected]_rob:disqus

    If it makes you – FEEL GOOD – BUY IT.

    Freedom to buy any product – you wish!!!

    YES it is the ULTIMATE – American Iron- Muscle car!!!

    If you can’t handle it – Don’t Buy it.

    But Don’t Cry about your Whimpiness to Everyone.

    I’ve owned and raced- Yes on the street – the fastest motorcycles and cars made at one time or other.

    The adrenalin – High is what it is all about.

    If I have to explain -you don’t Get It.

    I’ll buy a Demon -ASAP!!!!


  10. This POS is only banned for not having a roll cage not because its too fast. I work at a dodge dealer and have seen the few we sold come back with major engine failure. since when is fiat an American automaker? Can’t be an American Muscle car if your Italian. Besides look at the dyno sheets the car stays in the 300-400 hp range most of the way to redline. not a very impressive car at all. Just another fail by the biggest failure in automotive history.

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