Street Outlaw Star Narrowly Misses Dangerous Crash

Current Street Outlaws star BoostedGT recently saw his life flash before him after narrowly missing out on what could have been a dangerous collision at San Antonio Raceway.

While competing in the final round of Winter Meltdown, sponsored by Racetech Motorsports, the street racing reality star narrowly missed being spun like a top when his opponent crossed the line after his front tires went airborne at the start of this race and, upon landing, lost control, causing his ride to nearly slam into the bumper of BoostedGT’s bright yellow Ford Mustang at a high speed.

Luckily a serious accident was avoided, and the popular Street Outlaw BoostedGT grabbed first place in his tire class, claiming $10,000 for winning this frightening race.

While the Texas native didn’t seem shaken after this race, watching this video over and over reminds us all just how dangerous this sport can be at times.

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