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  • Andreanna Ditton 193 Articles
    Andreanna Ditton is the Content Manager for MotorHead Media and the Editor-in-Chief for She's been working in the automotive publishing industry since 2007 focusing on racing and performance for motorcycles and cars.
  • James Cavanaugh 23 Articles
  • Tonya Kay 110 Articles
    Tonya Kay is a brutally elegant film actress, burlesque headliner, raw vegan renegade and producer of Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show and classic car cruise-in. You’ve seen her on Broadway (STOMP, De La Guarda) and in blockbuster films (Lone Ranger, Muppets Movie). Her pinup and modeling work has been published in magazines, calendars and comic books like Car Kulture Deluxe, DrivenWorld, Grease Inc, Superfly Auto, The SpeedGirls and Garage Latino. And her viscous classic hot rod, the Grape Space Coaster, is even more famous than she is standing out on Discovery’s "Sticker Shock," Speed TV’s "My Ride Rules" and music videos.
  • Tyler Coolidge 1 Article
    Since his childhood, Tyler has had a borderline unhealthy relationship with anything automotive. He lives with the mantra that it’s not so much about the destination, but clearly the journey. When he’s not writing about or wrenching on a Jeep, he’s likely out exploring the outdoors with his wife, two sons and two canine daughters.
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